Brookdale Community College, Penske Launch Automotive Technician Career Program

Brookdale CC, Penske Launch Auto Tech Career Program

Successful graduates of Brookdale's educational program will be able to secure employment with Penske Automotive Group.

Brookdale Community College and Penske Automotive Group, Inc. (PAG) announced in a press release a groundbreaking partnership with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), paving the way for the establishment of an Automotive Technician Career Program. This program aims to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the automotive industry. 

Brookdale will offer state-of-the-art facilities and an Associate of Applied Science in Automotive Technology curriculum designed to develop students’ automotive expertise. In addition, successful graduates of Brookdale’s educational program will be able to secure employment with Penske Automotive Group.

Dr. David M. Stout, president of Brookdale Community College, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “This innovative program will bring down costs for our students, aligning with our mission of ensuring that our students have access to high-wage jobs at an affordable price. Through this collaboration, we are fulfilling our commitment to providing our students with excellent education and ample employment opportunities.” 

Sam Cammarata, East Region recruiter from Penske Automotive Group, highlighted the significance of the collaboration, saying, “As the largest automotive retail company globally, Penske Automotive Group is always seeking opportunities to bring in talented individuals and provide them with a path to a successful and fulfilling career. This partnership with Brookdale allows us to do just that. We are proud to connect with a college that has produced many successful alumni who have excelled within our organization. The opportunity to work with Brookdale is truly a home run for us.” 

Penske Automotive Group, an international company with 26 locations in New Jersey and 150 locations in the United States, and 250 worldwide across nine different countries, recognizes the value of investing in the next generation of automotive technicians. Sam Cammarata further explained, “Our facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring a clean and safe work environment. In addition, by providing uniforms, safety equipment, and climate-controlled shops, we are dedicated to delivering the highest standards for our employees.” 

The Automotive Technician Career Program offers a comprehensive package of benefits to students who successfully complete their studies at Brookdale and secure employment at one of their dealerships. This is a $20,000 program over three years that includes, on top of the technician’s salary, a regular payment every month of reimbursement of up to $13,140 for tuition and fees, $2,000 for tools, and a $5,000 employment bonus.  

The partnership between Brookdale Community College and Penske Automotive Group signifies a commitment to the development of future automotive technicians and the growth of the automotive industry. This MOU will be effective immediately for students currently enrolled in or entering the Automotive Technician Career Program. 

For further information, about Brookdale’s Automotive Technology Program please contact Ian Anderson at 732-224-2778 or [email protected] and visit the website at

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