Blue Eclipse BluCare Auto 2.0 Update
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Blue Eclipse Releases BluCare Auto 2.0 Update

Cars are complicated. They need regular maintenance. Don’t wait for an expensive failure to occur. That will cost much more long term than doing regular, preventive maintenance.  

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What if you had your own personal assistant who knew everything your car needed to maintain it, reminded you at the right time to get it done and even helped you find the right mechanic to repair it or order the parts to do it yourself?

Introducing BluCare Auto 2.0: a smart car care app which knows what your car needs and when, and then delivers it to you. It’s like your own personal digital assistant.

Who needs BluCare? The answer is: every car owner. Does BluCare work for any car? Absolutely! All that is needed is your smartphone and the BluCare app. There’s nothing to install or add to your car. Once you download the app, create an account and add your car (or cars) to the app with a quick barcode scan. The app is ready to use. It uses your phone to measure all trips and miles driven and provide you with time-sensitive reminders which are important to you and your car.


Make car ownership easy. Save Money. Less Worrying

Key Facts

  • Industries: Car care, connected auto, connected home, consumer electronics, mobility.
  • Market Size: 286 million cars
  • Target Customers: Auto dealers, auto auction companies, carsharing companies, online delivery companies, wireless carriers, aftermarket auto parts suppliers, consumer electronics retailers,

The BluCare app is also intended to be a one-stop shop for all information related to your car, including: car odometer, last parking location, digital owner’s manual, owner documents and car label data, records of all repair services, records of all driving expenses, weekly driving activity, thousands of how-to video tutorials specific to your car, pages to shop all major online car parts stores and search for highly-rated mechanics in your area. All of this content is right inside the app.


With over 280 million registered vehicles on the road in the US alone, most of these being privately owned or leased, there is a very large market for the BluCare Auto app. Whether the owner is a first time driver or car owner or a very experienced owner with lots of car knowledge, the app will provide peace-of-mind to all owners as a reference tool and for providing important reminders.

We are also developing and taking preorders for BluRemote, a patented self-powered robotic system that uses the touch of a robotic finger to control any car, regardless of make or model year, following a short and simple process to train the car’s key fob. We are also developing BluStart, a universal replacement fuse for car engine computers that acts as an anti-theft device by wirelessly controlling a car engine’s starting capability.


Our products offer a state-of-the-art solution for all vehicles through a super-easy plug-and-play format, giving consumers control with the touch of a smartphone or the sound of their voice.

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