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Beyond Expectations

In 1989, the film Say Anything was Cameron Crowe’s directorial debut. Along with directing, he also wrote the script to the movie which introduced us to that awkward high school boy attempting to win the heart of a girl. Many still remember the iconic scene of going beyond expectations. Lloyd Dobler, played by John Cusack, stands at dawn outside the window of the girl who has vexed his every thought. Overhead, he holds that boombox blaring “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel. Searching for a way to stir her emotions, he resorts to going beyond — beyond expectations.

Too many of us fall into the daily grind and sometimes find it hard to just keep up with the expected expectations, not only by our employers, but even with the expectations of our customers. In the movie, there is a point where Lloyd goes by the unwritten rule of calling and leaving eight phone messages that were unreturned before proclaiming that he was giving up. Now, I am not quite sure where the number of eight unreturned phone messages was derived from, but sounds like a pretty good number when justifying on giving up on a prospective customer. You may even say that eight unanswered messages could very well be five or six too many. On the flipside, I am sure that there may be some of you that feel that eight is a starting point. Under no circumstances am I judging, as I know for a fact I have maybe left one or two past that mark — but I digress.

“Real Dealer…Real Processes…Great Results,” an interactive Webinar that I presented a couple weeks ago with guest Ashley Mabery of the ZMOT Auto team, explained how going beyond expectations consistently, generated great results —consistently. Engaging the customer with simple techniques impresses them with how you respond to their lead, and implementing simple processes ensures a commitment by them to show up for the appointment.

You may very well relate to Lloyd in the fact that you go beyond expectations for your dealership and your customers on a daily basis, and that is awesome! Everyone, I am sure, has gone beyond expectations on occasion for that “special customer,” but then return to practices that are just expected, not only by your employer, but more so by what you feel your customer is expecting.

Selling isn’t easy; otherwise, everyone would do it. How many of you have felt that it is too tough, that what you are expected to do just isn’t working? Elevate your game, as it’s up to you to go beyond expectations, more than just once or twice — go beyond till it becomes part of your process.

An example of going beyond expectations was brought up in the Webinar, something that you can do today, with your phone: Respond to your next lead with a personalized video response. Those of you who have already adapted to this process will attest to the increased engagement you are experiencing from your customers.

Having your general manager or your sales manager, or maybe just your team leader, get on the phone with your customer to re-confirm the appointment with a specialty drink order that will be waiting for them when they arrive at the dealership is yet another great example of going beyond your customers’ expectations.

Exceeding your employer’s expectations gets you noticed; exceeding your customers’ expectations gets you results. Remember, whether you’re a new salesperson with your first customer or the GM in charge of exceeding all of your customers’ expectations, going beyond gets results and sets the new mark for everyone else to reach — including your competitors.

Many, if not all, of you aren’t expected to read all day, so go back to work and in doing so, go beyond expectations.

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