The Benefits of Positive Positioning in Automotive Advertising
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The Benefits of Positive Positioning in Automotive Advertising

I want to show you two ways to say the same thing. Here’s number one: “Don’t worry! Avoid the scams and shop our no-hassle dealership!” Now for number two: “At ABC Motors, we make it a breeze to get approved for a high-quality used car, truck or SUV!” Now, which option sounded better to you? The second one, right? That’s because it’s full of positive positioning!

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Positive positioning is a scientific theory based in neuroscience that states people better maintain and react to messaging that is presented in a positive light. All of our marketing strategies have positive positioning at their core, because it’s been proven scientifically to deliver more results. In fact, Dr. James Larsen, Ph.D., has stated, “Ads featuring benefit claims that used positive anchors significantly increased purchase intentions.” Basically, if you say positive things, consumers will react positively to your message.

Here’s how it works: When you use positive words, such as “easy” or “simple”, that’s what customers identify with your brand.

When you use such words as “hassle” or “worry,” even when used in a technically positive way, customers still associate the negative meaning of those words with your brand. In the back of their minds, consumers are still going to think “hassle” when they think of your dealership. With positive positioning, viewers will only remember your messaging in a positive light.


Imagine a restaurant saying in its advertising, “We don’t have any roaches in our kitchen!” or having a slogan that says, “Eat here! We’re roach-free!” It may be trying to convey a positive message, but what do you think its customers will be thinking while they are eating or ordering take-out from there?

Another benefit of positive positioning is that it naturally makes you focus on your strengths rather than the weaknesses you don’t have. Wouldn’t you rather say that your buying process is fast rather than not slow? Your messaging should be highlighting the benefits of shopping at your store as quickly and as clearly as possible. The most efficient way to do that is with positive positioning.

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