EVs: BendPak Helps Dealers Get Equipped to Service EVs

EVs Are Here: BendPak Equips Dealers to Service Them

Visit NADA Expo booth 3957W for demonstrations of new EV-battery and two-post lifts.

As auto dealers gather at NADA Expo 2022, the buzz is sure to be all about electric vehicles. Now that traditional automakers have entered the electric space, dealers around the country have to prepare to service and maintain electric cars, trucks, and vans. Vehicle equipment leader BendPak is ready to help with two new products it’s introducing to dealers at the show. 

The innovative EV2400SL EV battery pack and powertrain lifting system helps technicians safely and efficiently remove, service and install heavy electric vehicle battery packs from a wide range of electric vehicles. And thanks to an innovative design that supports a full line of available accessories, it also doubles as a powertrain lift for internal combustion vehicles, making it a versatile choice throughout the shop.

The BendPak 10AP Series two-post lifts can be used to raise a wider than ever range of electric or gas vehicles weighing up to 10,000 pounds. Among the lifts’ patent-pending new features is an industry-first Automatic Swing Arm Restraint System (ASARS) that prevents dangerous movement of the lift arms during use. 

NADA Expo 2022 takes place March 11-13 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. BendPak is in booth #3957W. 

“While electric vehicles are hot right now, the majority of vehicles on the road will continue to use internal combustion powertrains for a long time to come,” says Jeff Kritzer, BendPak executive vice president. “That’s why we’re designing equipment that maximizes return on investment by supporting service on both electric and gas vehicles. The EV2400SL and 10AP Series can get to work as soon as they’re brought into the shop — regardless of when a dealership sells its first EV.”

The EV2400SL is compact and portable with oversized urethane casters to provide low rolling resistance and unparalleled maneuverability around the shop. Equipped with proprietary zero-throw casters on all four corners, the platform can be moved easily in any direction. Adjustable screw jacks on each corner provide effortless pitch and roll adjustments for more precise alignment of high-voltage batteries, engine and drivetrain assemblies, fuel tanks and more.

With a press of the button on the pendant controller, the EV2400SL elevates to more than 6 feet in less than 20 seconds. It supports 2,400 lbs. on its oversized 40-inch by 60-inch cushioned platform. Sixteen recessed mounting anchors in the platform tabletop accommodate a variety of modular fixtures, adapters and accessories that can be added, repositioned or removed as needed to handle engines, transmissions, gas tanks, transaxle assemblies and more. An optional side-shift deck uses a ball transfer system to allow the table to move side-to-side for even more adjustability and precise alignment. 

The revolutionary design of the BendPak 10AP Series two-post lifts includes front swing arms that offer a greater range of extension and contraction than any other BendPak lift. This means that technicians using a 10AP lift can reach the OEM-recommended lifting points on more vehicles, including both larger trucks and smaller unibody cars. As a result, technicians waste less time trying to position the arms or moving a vehicle to another lift. And because improper spotting is a leading cause of lift accidents, safety is enhanced.

BendPak will share more information about the 10AP Series later this year. Dealers at NADA Expo are among the first to see this innovative new design.

For more information about the full line of car lifts, wheel service and shop equipment available from BendPak and its brands, visit NADA Expo Booth #3957W or BendPak.com.

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