AutoSuccess Rolls Out New Website, eNewsletter to Connect With Users as Never Before - AutoSuccessOnline

AutoSuccess Rolls Out New Website, eNewsletter to Connect With Users as Never Before

As ways to serve our audience better than ever before, we are proud to present the next stages of our evolution at AutoSuccess, launching this week.

As ways to serve our audience better than ever before, we are proud to present the next stages of our evolution at AutoSuccess, launching this week.

Our Website — — has been completely redesigned to be more user friendly and mobile compatible. The site has been optimized to make the solutions we publish in our magazine, blog and podcasts and other areas more categorized and easier to find. Users now will be able to find articles, podcasts, blog posts, Webinars and other information according to subject with simple searches. Subscription information, social media platforms, points of contact and our magazine archive are also easily available on the site.

The AutoSuccess eNewsletter has been overhauled, as well. Subscribers will notice that, while it may be shorter than before, the content is much more targeted to the interests of our readers. With our new focus the newsletter, which will now come out weekly instead of twice monthly, will direct you toward material on our site and in our magazine, along with selected industry news, giving you a guide to practices and ideas you can put into action today.

The Website and eNewsletter are just some of the changes we’re making for 2017. AutoSuccessOnline is always a work in progress as we strive to find the best ways to reach our readership and, as always, we’re interested in your suggestions and feedback. Please email me at [email protected] and let me know what you think. Our goal is to help you build your business and enjoy greater success — share your opinions and let’s build our best future.

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Susan Givens – Publisher of AutoSuccess Magazine

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