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AutoSuccess Launches Weekly Dealer Service eNewsletter

The Dealer Service eNewsletter, available every Thursday, addresses the specific needs of our readership who want to ensure that they satisfy their customers in this vital area of the dealership.

While the sales department might be the most visible part of the dealership, most customers have more interaction with the service, parts and F&I departments than any other part of the dealership and play a vital role in customer service and the dealership’s bottom line.

To address this fundamental element of the dealership, AutoSuccess a few months ago launched Dealer Service, a new magazine aimed at addressing the needs of those who serve customers in these important areas. Now, as a way of furthering that outreach, we are announcing the launch of the Dealership Service eNewsletter!

The newsletter, which will be sent out every Thursday, will address the specific needs of our readership who deal with satisfying customers in this area of the dealership. Just as in AutoSuccess, the Dealer Service enewsletter will offer useful information, links to service-related blog posts on our website and other valuable information you can put to use immediately to see results.

Please join us each and every week to make sure you don’t miss out on valuable information that can help you build success in your department. Sign up today by clicking here!

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