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AutoSuccess is Growing, But Still Keeping Our Eye on the Mission

​After 16 years of publication, AutoSuccess is starting an exciting new chapter. Our magazine recently joined the Babcox Media family, and will have resources available to us as never before.

Babcox is a privately held, family-owned company headquartered in Akron, Ohio. The company started in 1920 with a publication titled India Rubber Review — still in publication as Tire Review — and has grown into a multimedia company focused on the automotive and motorsports industry. AutoSuccess fills a need Babcox had in reaching automotive dealers, and they, in turn, will provide us with opportunities and resources we never could have accessed otherwise.

​With this partnership, AutoSuccess has gone from being an “only child” publication to having multiple sister publications. The Babcox family includes AfterMarket News (AMN), AMN Global, BodyShop Business, Brake & Front End, Counterman, Engine Builder, Fleet Equipment, ImportCar, Motorcycle & Powersports News (MPN), Servicio Automotriz, Shop Owner,, TechShop, Telematics Talk, Tire Review, Tomorrow’s Tech and Underhood Service. Each of these magazines and Websites in some way deals with a facet of the automotive and motorsports market, and we’ll all be able to pull together and cover our field in a way that wasn’t possible before.

So, what does this mean for our readers? Our focus is not straying from the automotive dealerships that we’ve served for almost two decades; we know who we are and we know what we do makes a difference to sales professionals in that field. What it does mean is that we’ll be able to reach our audience like never before and offer more ideas and strategies to help our audience grow and succeed.

We’re excited to see what this merger means for the future, and with the support, resources and knowledge that we now have access to, that future has never been brighter. It’s going to be great ride.

Susan Givens – Publisher For AutoSuccess Magazine

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