president & CEO of Chernek Consulting
Podcast: Working with Subprime Customers

An F&I expert discusses working with customers during this period of inflated vehicle costs.

Subprime Originations Roar Back, Protect Yourself

Over the past few years, concern grew that the auto industry was driving the next credit crisis with ever-increasing subprime loans.

Podcast: F&I Practices to Reduce Profit Leaks

Becky Chernek, founder of Chernek Consulting, joins us to discuss if dealers’ F&I practices are leaving them vulnerable to profit leaks.

Do Your F&I Practices Make You Vulnerable to Profit Leaks

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “vulnerable” as “open to attack or damage.” Synonyms for the word include exposed and liable. All would apply if you’re not implementing best practices in F&I.

Digital Menus vs Paper Menus – The Human Factor

Knowing how to utilize a digital menu to build a relationship with customers could be a big game changer for your F&I profit margins. Otherwise, a digital menu may be just another piece of dead iron that sits idle collecting dust.