Nate Tallarino - Certified Risk Manager & COO of Anthony Grace Risk Management Services
They Want More Money!

The risk to the bottom line poised by recent OEM strikes should be carefully considered and any good risk management plan should include not only getting out in front of any problems in the supply chain but also the potential disruptions that could occur in human resource management.

Protecting Your Assets in a Tumultuous Insurance Market

Dealers should consider how they have procured their insurance coverage in the past. It may be time to find a risk management consultant.

RING OF FIRE MANAGEMENT: Supply Chain Nightmares and How They Can Affect Your Dealership

So why should a new car dealer in Duluth or Toledo care about earthquakes in Japan? Supply chain disruptions, that’s why. April’s twin earthquakes that struck Japan’s Kyusho island — killing dozens, destroying buildings and displacing thousands of local residents from their homes — also disrupted parts supplies to a Toyota/Lexus plant and caused a

​Recalls Can Jam Up Your Lot – Are You Covered?

“What’s with all these customer’s cars stacking up out back?” What advice does a risk manager give his clients regarding these ever-increasing recalls? Lately, I find myself fielding calls from clients around the country concerned about how to manage the potential risk they face in selling a vehicle to a retail customer when that vehicle