Mark Sargeant - Sales & Marketing Manager for AutoMap
Survive the Times — Increase Efficiency

Doing more with less is a definition of efficiency and the tools you use will define how your business improves its efficiency.

White Paper: Secure Automated Remote Floorplan Auditing

Floorplan auditing is an integral part of the auto finance process and although the technology is available to provide secure, remote auditing, lenders have been slow to adopt this process.

From Barcode to Bluetooth

Which vehicle tracking system is best for your business? Barcode readers might work for some, while others might prefer location services via an RFID network. Another option is a reusable Bluetooth-OBD module system that doesn’t require additional infrastructure yet provides even more data than one gets from decoding a VIN.

Podcast: Inventory Tracking

Mark Sargeant joins us to discuss inventory tracking.

RFID vs. Bluetooth: The Battle of the Vehicle Trackers

In 2017, over 17 million vehicles were sold in the U.S. Last year, sales increased by less than 1 percent. By any definition, that’s still a lot of inventory. Which begs the question, how do dealerships keep track of these assets?

RFID v. Bluetooth: The Battle of the Vehicle Trackers

New cars are “things” that we refer to as inventory and those things can be better managed with the right vehicle locator technology. Two of the most common wireless technologies used are RFID and Bluetooth.

Inventory Tracking: It’s Not Just for Dealerships

Using inventory tracking tools, an audit that might take an entire day can be done in an hour. When you have a car audit and your car is floored with a banking company, it takes up your accounting time. People have to go out and try to find vehicles that the auditor might have missed, walked by or can’t find.

One Area That Affects F&I Satisfaction? Inventory

It stands to reason that the faster a salesperson can locate the vehicle for a test drive, the better for every department across the dealership.

Leading Your Team to Greatness

As this post is being read by many leaders already, I feel like I am preaching to the choir.  There are many more examples of what makes an effective leader, these ideas are but a few.  But sometimes I find it helpful to reflect on what an effective leader does to lead his entire team to greatness. I’d love to hear some other leader examples in the comment section!

Five Ways to Use Inventory Tracking Beyond Sales

We all know inventory tracking works well during the sales process. A customer comes up, the dealership’s salesperson talks to them about their wants and needs to help them figure out what kind of vehicle they want, and then he or she finds the vehicle. In the past, this would involve the customer walking out

Podcast: Inventory Tracking at Your Dealership

Mark Sargeant, sales and marketing manager for AutoMap, speaks with us about finding the right inventory tracking solution for your dealership.

Mark Sargeant Podcast
Inventory Tracking – It’s Not Just for Dealerships

For many people, when you discuss the benefits of an inventory tracking solution, their mind immediately goes to dealership sales. In the dealer world, though, there’s more to it than just sales. Inventory solutions can be used to improve everything from audits with banks to rental car facilities to auction houses.