Michael Markette - Partner for Market Tech Consulting
Phone Skills We Learned While Building Automotive Digital Assistants

We all understand that DAs like Alexa know more details than your employees, but is she more trustworthy? Create dealership processes and develop people like we develop DAs.

Podcast: How Digital Assistants Can Work

Michael Markette, partner at Market Tech Consulting, joins us to discuss digital assistants and how they can work for your dealership.

Podcast: Advanced Technology and Your Dealership’s Phones

Michael Markette of CallRevu speaks with us about advanced technology for your dealership’s phone system.

Your Frontline Employees Are Your Brand: Do You Have the Right Ones?

Poor hiring practices cost the automotive industry billions of dollars annually. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the price of a bad hire is at least 30 percent of the employee’s first-year earnings

Podcast: Improving the Customer’s Call Experience

Michael Markette, partner of Market Tech Consulting, joins us to discuss how to improve the customer experience at your dealership with call connectivity.

Improving the Customer Experience With Better Call Connectivity

Consider this: The average customer will call up to seven dealerships, but only walk in to one or two. You want to be one of those dealers.

Outbound Calling Lease Retention Best Practices

Outbound calling remains an effective component in a highly efficient lease-retention campaign. Like any other targeted campaign, many customers want you to proactively call them and present personalized offers.

Podcast: Boosting Lease Retention with Phone Campaigns

Michael Markette of CallRevu joins us to discuss using the phones to boost your dealership’s lease retention numbers. callrevu.com

Michael Markette Lease Retention Podcast
Six Elements of Phone Performance Self Improvement

Become the caller’s best friend. Successful professionals create experiences that drive customer trust and loyalty. Instead of sticking to a script and sounding like a robot, simply talk to the customer. Create an emotional connection; treat the people you speak to on the phone like more than just customers.

Set More Phone Appointments by Making It Easy for Your Customers to Call Your Dealership

Mobile phones are our new personal assistants and they are changing the dynamics of customer interaction. Today, mobile is driving phone calls as the preferred method of customer interaction. Here are three simple things you can do to maximize your phone performance by helping your customers call your dealership.

What is Your Phone Performance IQ?

Most calls to your dealership are from customers who can’t find or confirm some specific information online.

Google Offline Conversions are Driving “The Why” in Paid Search Strategy for Auto

The day Web marketing was born, so too was optimizing for it. The recent trend from desktop search to mobile search has driven a rise in phone calls, and with that increase in calls has come the attention to offline conversions — specifically appointments set on phone calls created by paid search campaigns. Leading dealer