Mike Haeg - Vice President of Automotive for Car Wars
CRISP Series: Don’t Let Your Hottest Leads Slip Through the Cracks

To be a high-performing dealership in a modern shopping environment, outbound calling accountability is crucial. Does your dealership need to change its mentality about your outbound calling efforts?

CRISP: Firm Appointments Ensure a 3x Higher Show Rate

Spending a bunch of money on training programs and targeted advertising to improve show rate? I have a simpler solution. Start doing more with the phone leads you’re already driving by setting firm appointments.

Podcast: Increase Your Appointment Volume and Sales

Mike Haeg, vice president of automotive for CarWars, joins us to discuss how dealers can increase their appointment volume and sales.

CRISP Series: Every Call Needs An Appointment Request, No Excuses

Train agents to handle sales calls with this mentality and you’ll see a boost in appointment volume and cars sold.

CRISP Series: Connect More Callers, Sell More Cars

Once a dealer recognizes the Connection plague affecting his/her rooftop and takes action upon it, customer retention heightens, CSI scores jump and sales ramp up.