Mike Esposito - President and CEO of Auto/Mate Dealership Systems
Define Your Legacy

From the get-go, my mission was always to help dealers. And the best way I knew how was to create competition. Competition breeds innovation. It also raises the bar in terms of customer and technical support. And I believe that’s the legacy I leave behind.

Hire for Attitude, Not Skills

High employee turnover continues to be a top concern for car dealers, and a strong economy with low unemployment rates doesn’t help.

5 Tips for Creating a Star Management Team

As a leader, it’s your job to coach and train your managers to be successful while keeping them true to the company’s stated vision and core values. Here are some of the methods to help keep your management team working in unison.

How Mobile Tablets Increase Customer Satisfaction

With training and time, employees will not only adapt to but embrace using mobile tablets. Remember when we switched from typewriters to computers? Employees everywhere resisted, vowing to never give up their IBM Selectrics.

Team, Meet Technology. Technology, Meet Team

When you think of the word “team,” you probably think of people. In a business, your team includes your employees and possibly your customers and vendors. You might not think of technology as a team member but, in a way, the tools your team uses to achieve goals become an extension and a part of your team.

Want to Sell a Car In Two Hours or Less? Here Are Two Technologies That Can Help

When it comes to buying a car, one of the biggest areas of frustration for consumers is how long it takes. From the back-and-forth between salespeople and their managers to long wait times and confusing menu presentations in the F&I department, customers often rate this as their least favorite aspect of the car-buying process.

Podcast: Preparing Your Team for Success

Mike Esposito of Auto/Mate Dealership Systems talks about preparing your dealership’s team for success in the coming year.

How to Motivate Employees With Effective Communications

Effective communication promotes a culture of sharing ideas and solving problems. Employees who are “in the know” and feel like their opinions are valued are more likely to be engaged and motivated to do their jobs well.


Running a car dealership has been and always will be challenging; but several workforce trends in 2017 will make it even more challenging for dealers who insist on doing “business as usual.” An improving economy, changes in organizational structure and customer expectations are at the root of these trends. As always, the ability to embrace