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Podcast: Improving the Car Loaning Process

Laura Tierney of ARSLoaner discusses how dealerships can update car loaning practices and ultimately improve CSI scores.

Podcast: Better Loaner Fleet Management

Laura Tierney, national sales director for, joins us to discuss Better Loaner Fleet Management with Connected Car Technology.

Better Loaner Fleet Management with Connected Car Technology

Connected cars provide a great deal of data for dealers. How that data can be translated into a value-added experience for the dealership and the customer is important to understand.

When is Technology No Longer Optional?

Let’s face it, customers can be fickle. A big part of business evolution involves leveraging technology in all departments. Technology can help managers make decisions quicker and more effectively, which should lead to higher profitability and higher CSI. The key is knowing where you have to spend just to stay in the game and where you should spend to win the game.

Keys to Service Loaner Fleet Profitability

Do you which principles to follow and metrics to track to ensure you maximize the value of your dealership’s fleet?

Avoiding Costly Mistakes With Your Service Loaner Fleet

There are always situations that are out of the ordinary, but when they happen with a dealership’s loaner fleet it can be a major problem for the insured. Here’s help for when your service staff is completing loaner agreements.