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Maximize Your Customer Experience to Maximize Your Business Potential

If you’re in charge of your dealership’s fixed ops department, time is not just money, it is also the road to a better customer experience.

4 Lessons I Learned from Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos & Others

By incorporating these lessons, you can grow any business.

The ‘Evidence’ is Overwhelming: A Simple Retention Roadmap

Retention is best measured in repeat visits. Make sure you are tracking this metric. Retention drives market share or absorption, whichever side of the aisle you look at this from.

Defining a Clear Service BDC Strategy – Three Keys to Increasing Profits and Retention

The pipeline is full. When a seven-year sales streak ends, it will usually imply bad news. Perhaps it would be bad news in an industry such as big box retailing or with real estate’s housing supply, but it has the potential to be good news if you’re a retailer in the U.S. automobile industry.

Recalls: Turning Problems Into Profits

THE RECALL POOL OEMs have been flooding dealers with recall opportunities and the response is typically one of two different views on this tidal wave: Some see it as a problem while others see the opportunity. For the strategic-minded dealership, it’s a perfectly profitable storm.Viewing the trailing trend and now with three record setting years