Farra Majid - CEO & Co-founder of Dealer Intelligence
How to Share Data at Your Dealership

Sharing dealership performance data beyond Daily Docs is essential to get your team on the same page on performance and underlying drivers. This is best done with an enterprise business intelligence (BI) solution.

Why You Need Mobile Business Intelligence

As data becomes more available through mobile BI across the dealership or dealer group, managers and even salespeople and service advisors will be inclined to check it, engage in discussions around it, offer feedback and share whatever insights they may have found.

Developing a Data-Curious Culture at Your Dealership

AI, BI, Big-Data, Machine-Learning. These are just some of the buzzwords being thrown around in today’s business environment. Who benefits from these concepts and technologies? Is it just the big-box retailers or the industrials, or can your dealership use them too?

Things to Consider When Selecting a Business Intelligence Solution

The first step in vendor selection is to decide upon a solution methodology: traditional or modern BI.

Business Intelligence 101

Given the importance of being a data-driven organization in today’s economy, it’s imperative to understand what “Business Intelligence” actually encompasses and how it can help with providing strategic and tactical advantages for improving business performance and results.