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Safety Recalls: Think You’re Covered?

Even with best efforts to find and fix vehicles with open safety recalls, dealers can be out of compliance.

Management and Ownership Succession – The Time to Plan is Now!

Most dealer principals have worked diligently for many years to build value in their dealership. The dealership has become a large aspect of their daily lives. It’s in their blood! Many still play a large role in the daily operation and would find it difficult to give the helm up to anyone, including their children.

The “Player’s Coach” – Engaging Your Human Capital

While sales and dealership profitability grew significantly since the recession until 2016, the retention of dealership employees has continued to be the white elephant at the party. We have debated and deployed revised hiring strategies, installed pay plans without commissions, and expanded benefits and perks.

If You Think You’re Covered for Safety Recalls – You’re Not

Compliance pressures are increasing, yet safety recall data errors and timing issues continue to challenge dealers to know the safety recall status vehicles they are acquiring, currently have in inventory and those that they have previously sold and serviced. Big Problem Last year saw a record number of recalls, impacting more than 53.2 million vehicles.

The Vehicle Return Tsunami — A Perfect Storm or Shower of Opportunity?

  As we move toward the end of the first quarter of 2017, we continue to see a SAAR pressing more than 17 million units. The OEMs are geared to produce the volumes, the incentives continue to maintain sales momentum and leasing makes up about 30 percent of all retail transactions across the U.S. While

Don’t Let the Modern Gold Rush Take Down Your Business

  Historians credit Sutter’s Mill, near present-day Sacramento, as the epicenter of the 1849 California Gold Rush. The mill’s owner, a German immigrant named John Sutter, owned 50,000 acres in the area when one of his employees discovered gold in the river near the mill. ​ Though Sutter tried to keep the gold a secret,

SPINNING YOUR DATA: Dealer Guidance on Moving Your Data and Potential Consequences

In today’s data-rich environment, dealers are more dependent than ever on the timely, cost-effective and secure movement of their data to key partners and vendors. ​ Dealers have multiple options when choosing how they will work with their vendors on the movement and protection of their data. These options have consequences that are often confusing