Autel Debuts Remote Expert-Ready XLink Programmer

Autel Debuts Remote Expert-Ready XLink Programmer 

The J2534 pass-thru programming capability allows techs to flash modules with a Windows PC and OE subscriptions.

Autel releases the MaxiFLASH XLink, a 3-in-1 programming, communication and Remote Expert-ready touchscreen device.  

With the 6.5-inch standalone XLink, technicians can use Autel’s Remote Expert platform to contract experienced programmers and diagnosticians with OE software subscriptions and tools to complete needed tasks.  

“Our products are all about offering options, creating opportunities and providing solutions. And the XLink checks all those boxes. Remote and onsite programming and enhanced communications in one small but powerful touchscreen package,” said Maurice Miller, Autel’s director of technical operations.  

The XLink enables technicians via the Remote Expert platform to obtain expert help and access to OE data remotely, a J2534 pass-thru programming capability allows techs to flash modules with a Windows PC and OE subscriptions onsite, and an enhanced VCI that supports the latest communication protocols and is compatible with all Autel MaxiSYS tablets. 

The XLink’s standalone Remote Expert capabilities enable technicians to use the Remote Expert platform without tying down their MaxiSYS Ultra, MS919 or MS909 tablets. The technician can contract with an Expert on the platform via the Autel MaxiFix app available in the Apple App Store or Google Play. Once a pre/post scan, programming, service or diagnostics task has been contracted, the technician attaches the XLink to the vehicle, and the Expert completes the operation. The technician pays the Expert digitally.  

Remote Expert has seen true success, the company said, with orders for module programming, TSB-directed software updates, maintenance and retrofitting tasks requiring OE data or software now averaging over 1,600 sessions a month. More than 50 independent Remote Experts (insured and vetted for their experience) currently service the platform. With Remote Expert, shops don’t need to sublet work, wait for a mobile programmer or spend thousands on OE data and software subscriptions. 

And just this past March, Autel announced its partnership with Reparify Inc., whereby Autel Remote Expert users will be able use Repairify services.  

Visit to learn more about the MaxiFlash XLink. 

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