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ARSLoaner Offers New Dealers Free 90-Day Trial

ARSLoaner recognizes that COVID-19 is having a huge impact on the automotive industry. At a time when dealerships need help on operational costs, ARSLoaner is stepping up to offer any new car dealer customers a 90-day free trial.

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This allows dealers to ramp up and use the full platform without charge for three months. After three months, the dealership can determine if they wish to continue.

Even after the 90 days, ARSLoaner will work on pricing with dealers who are continuing to struggle as the industry bounces back, the company said.

“We have always had a partnership approach with our dealers,” Laura Tierney, national sales manager for ARSLoaner, said. “We never forget that we are here for one reason and one reason only: to keep our dealers profitable and efficient. When they struggle with this goal, we need to do whatever is required to ensure they succeed. This program is an example of that.”

For more information, visit and click HERE for a quick system demo.

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