APCO Holdings Releases Free Guide for Dealers: Building a Profitable Offense—A Playbook for Winning the Reinsurance Game

APCO Holdings Releases Free Guide for Dealers: Building a Profitable Offense—A Playbook for Winning the Reinsurance Game

APCO Holdings has released a free guide for auto and RV dealers.

APCO Holdings, LLC, a leading provider and administrator of automotive F&I products and home to the EasyCare and GWC Warranty brands, has released a free guide for auto and RV dealers, titled Building a Profitable Offense: A Playbook for Winning the Reinsurance Game. The eBook is designed to help dealers choose the best reinsurance structure for their short-term and long-term goals.

“Many dealers can tell you the advantages that their reinsurance program offers, but not every dealer has aligned their reinsurance structure with an F&I philosophy designed to maximize profits and meet business objectives,” said David DeCredico, Senior Vice President, Wealth Building & Strategic Accounts at APCO Holdings, LLC. “A profitable reinsurance strategy requires a customized game plan involving many factors, which we have detailed in our guide.”

APCO Holdings developed the guide as a visual playbook using football analogies to simplify the complexities of reinsurance. From draft day, to choosing an offensive strategy, analyzing defense and developing a game plan, auto dealers will gain a better understanding of how to break free from average performance and work with their provider to achieve champion status. 

“Whether it’s capital for short-term expansion or higher returns for long-term wealth building, dealers should know which reinsurance structure is best for their needs, how to develop an F&I sales strategy to maximize reinsurance profits, how to train staff and what to expect from their provider,” said DeCredico.

To download the free guide, Building a Profitable Offense, visit the EasyCare Resource Library: https://go.easycare.com/ReinsurancePlaybook

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