Announcing the 2022 Champions of Charity Honorees

Announcing the 2022 Champions of Charity Honorees

We’d like to say thank you and congratulations to these 15 amazing companies for all that they do! The world is a better place because of people like them.

Our team at AutoSuccess is honored to announce and congratulate the inaugural class of our Champions of Charity program.

We are continually impressed by the philanthropy of the people in the automotive industry. Many times, their charitable acts go unnoticed by those outside their community — they don’t do the work for the accolades or the PR, they do it to help those in need. 

The Champions of Charity program is our way to give these people and their companies a shout out for their good deeds. And helping us honor these companies is our program sponsor, Velocity Automotive. Read more about how the company’s founders are generous donors on page 10 and about the honorees on the following pages.

The 2022 Champions of Charity are:
• APCO Holdings
• Beaver Toyota of Cumming
• Craig Zinn Automotive Group
• Fresno Acura
• Kunes Auto Group
• Manheim
• NextGear Capital
• Patriot Automotive Group
• Premier Automotive
• Reynolds and Reynolds
• ProMax
• Sansone Jr’s 66 Automall
• Step One Automotive Group
• The Thompson Organization
• We Auto

Also look for our honorees in our upcoming Champions of Charity social media campaign.

We’d like to say thank you and congratulations to these 15 amazing companies for all that they do! The world is a better place because of people like them. We hope this inspires others to do more for their communities and to do good. And then we hope to hear from you for our 2023 program!

For more about this year’s honorees, click here.

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