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ADCO Announces Privacy4Cars Sponsorship; Adds Privacy, Security Resources

Association of Dealership Compliance Officers announced today Privacy4Cars has signed on as a premier sponsor for ongoing ADCO events, seminars and conferences for 2022.  As a premier sponsor, Privacy4Cars will host webinars and produce educational materials for the ADCO community. 

Association of Dealership Compliance Officers has announced Privacy4Cars has signed on as a premier sponsor for ongoing ADCO events, seminars and conferences for 2022.  As a premier sponsor, Privacy4Cars will host webinars and produce educational materials for the ADCO community. 

Privacy4Cars is the first and only technology company focused on identifying and resolving data privacy issues across the automotive ecosystem. Its continued mission, Driving Privacy, means offering a suite of services to expand protections for individuals and automotive companies alike, by focusing on privacy, safety, security, and compliance.

“This partnership with Privacy4Cars, the leader in vehicle data privacy, gives the ADCO Community yet another powerhouse resource for vehicle privacy and cybersecurity,” Linda Robertson, ADCO executive director stated, “plus it’s a turkey solution to help service providers profitably offer a data deletion service that meets compliance requirements.”

Founded by Andrea Amico Privacy4Cars aims to help partners simplify the deletion of personal data left behind in vehicles through its patented processes. Its solution, which is used by dealers, auto auctions, auto finance companies, fleets and more around the globe, not only makes the data deletion process more efficient and effective, but simultaneously allows companies to have written procedures for every VIN, monitor their deletion program and build by design compliance logs to help protect their business from growing FTC attention and volatile regulatory environment.

“As the leader in vehicle data privacy, we are proud to partner with the leader in dealer compliance training, education, and certification to bring continued awareness about the dangers of leaving personal information behind in vehicles,” said Andrea Amico. “By increasing awareness of the increasing privacy and security challenges brought by vehicle technologies among the ADCO community, it is our hope to instill the essential layer of  education that every automotive professional, wholesaler, service provider and dealership needs to remain compliant with the hundreds of local and federal laws surrounding the safeguarding and deletion of consumer nonpublic personal information captured, stored, transmitted, and shared by vehicles.”

For more information about ADCO, including its partnership with Privacy4Cars and other sponsorship opportunities, visit:

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