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ActivEngage Launches ActivOne to Offer Car Dealerships the Most Comprehensive Digital Messaging Solution on the Market

Orlando-based company releases revolutionary communications suite to support evolving digital conversations and help car dealers generate more revenue.

Orlando, FL – ActivEngage, Inc., continuing its leadership in automotive digital communications, recently announced the release of ActivOne, a comprehensive digital messaging solution for car dealerships.

ActivEngage has re-engineered its platform to accommodate new technology trends. Consumer adoption, dealership pain points, and business communication gaps played a significant role in the company’s determination to deliver the most comprehensive digital messaging solution on the market.

Multi-Channel Messaging for Today’s Consumers

ActivOne features a new, sleek interface that keeps visitors engaged on a dealership website as they receive assistance, allowing chat agents to deliver information and rich media in a non-intrusive tab. Additionally, customers using ActivOne will be able to expand their communication strategy across multiple digital channels, including:

  • Website Live Chat
  • SMS Text
  • Pay-Per-Click Ads
  • Social Media
  • Craiglist
  • Search Engine Results

Service Integration

ActivOne’s digital messaging suite also possesses deep integrations to boost performance in multiple dealership departments, such as Sales, Finance, Service, and Parts. Over 30% of ActivEngage chats are related to Fixed Operations, which led to the development of integrations with XTime, DealerSocket, and Timehighway. ActivEngage Chat Specialists — who average a 20% sales appointment rate from chat — can now set service appointments and send them straight into the dealership’s DMS. The AcitvOne service scheduling feature digitally enhances the service drive by producing an average of $60 increase in revenue per repair order and increasing appointment show rate by an average of 15%.

Scalability for Automotive Groups and Manufacturers

The ActivOne solution utilizes a real-time network platform with standard AES/TLS encryption for security and 15 global points-of-presence to support ActivEngage’s growing list of larger clients. This technology allows for large deployments across a high volume of sites supported by a fast and  reliable infrastructure.  And unlike other digital messaging services, ActivOne is highly customizable based on individual communications strategies for varying business sizes and needs.

On the release, ActivEngage CEO Todd Smith said, “ActivEngage remains the only chat provider that generates the most foot traffic to dealership showrooms and provides the most sales stemmed from digital conversations. ActivOne is a natural progression of our efforts to continue producing these results.” He added, “the most exciting aspect of ActivOne is that our suite of tools will continue to grow as the customer’s communication with the dealer evolves throughout the entire purchasing journey.”




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