700Credit/eLEND to Help Auto Dealerships Prevent Identity/Financial Fraud
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700Credit/eLEND to Help Auto Dealerships Prevent Identity/Financial Fraud

700 Credit, LLC, and eLEND Solutions, an automotive FinTech company, have announced an alliance that integrates eLEND’s ID Drive, the industry’s most advanced data capture and driver license authentication solution, with 700Credit’s credit prescreening solution Quickscreen and Identity Verification tools, which include Red Flag and Synthetic Fraud detection. 

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The integration is designed to help auto dealers protect their business and reputation from the serious and growing threat of identity and financial fraud and classify their showroom traffic by looking at their FICO score.

“The challenges of identity fraud have only grown,” said Ken Hill, managing director, 700Credit. “Our alliance with eLEND means that now our dealer customers, with the swipe of a driver’s license, can authenticate that license, pre-screen the customer, and perform a Red Flag ID Verification including Synthetic Fraud. The combination of document and data verification between 700Credit and eLEND’s products offers auto dealers powerful protection, while also enabling rapid digital data capture and export.”


Building on integrations already in place between the companies, the seamless addition of ID Drive means that 700Credit dealer customers can rapidly confirm identity and pre-screen their showroom clients through the ID Drive scanner at the beginning of the sales process. This shields them against fraud while providing visibility into the customer’s buying power upfront so they can provide customers with an accurate payment quote at the top of the sales funnel.

Tim Brackenbury, operations director for Texas Auto, has been using ID Drive at his dealership and says: “With a single scan of a customer’s driver license, ID Drive automatically authenticates the driver license for fraud protection, pulls pre-screen credit and pushes the lead information into our CRM instantly. Identifying our customers’ buying power before the vehicle test-drive reduces our transaction times by 30-45 minutes. The fraud prevention and efficiencies make ID Drive a no-brainer.”


How eLEND and 700Credit Work Together to Prevent Fraud, Drive Sales:

  • eLEND’s ID Drive authenticates driver licenses forensically with a performance guarantee that states “If the licenses gets a green light pass and turns out to be a fraudulent license and the dealer loses the vehicle,  eLEND will reimburse the dealer for the value of the vehicle.   ID Drive is integrated with 700Credit’s instant pre-screen solution. The process takes 60 seconds and can save up to 60 minutes per vehicle sale. 
  • Lead information is instantly exported into any CRM platform with the vehicle of choice and sales agent appended. eLEND’s ID Drive product is also integrated with 700Credit’s Red Flag/Identity Match, fraud database search, synthetic fraud detection, OFAC database search, and MLA identification products.
  • ID Drive is also integrated with eLEND’s CreditPlus program and 700Credit’s quick app.

“We are so proud to partner with 700Credit to further extend the benefits of ID Drive to auto dealers and consumers alike,” said Pete MacInnis, CEO and founder of eLEND Solutions. “Because ID Drive prequalifies upfront, auto dealers can rapidly get the customer into the right deal structure, accelerating the transition to, and through, F&I, which can reduce costly rehashes. This creates important efficiencies for dealerships and provides a better customer experience. And, of course, the purified authentication information protects the dealership from identity and financial fraud risks.”


MacInnis noted that in a 6 month case study with a high profile franchise dealer using ID Drive, transaction times were reduced by 60 minutes, PVR went up $300 and CSI scores went up 4 points. During the case study period, there were no other process changes made in the dealership outside of instituting ID DRIVE best practices.

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