6 Value Proposition Videos for Service

6 Value Proposition Videos for Service

The more you can engage and educate your customers, the more they'll trust you for their service needs.

Competition for customer-pay service dollars is fierce. How can dealerships attract more business? Just as in sales, you need to answer the “why buy” question in consumers’ minds and position yourself as a trusted authority.

Value proposition videos are an easy and inexpensive way to accomplish this. Create a series of service-focused videos to post on your website, use in email marketing campaigns and post on social media profile pages. 

Here are several recommendations for videos that will attract car owners looking for repair options, as well as to build customer trust.

1. Service Introduction

Ideally, every time a customer buys a car they are introduced to the service department, but we all know this doesn’t happen as often as it should. Often the customer is in a hurry to leave. Why not send them a “service introduction” video after the sale?

This video gives a sweeping overview of your service department, introduces key staff and explains the importance of certified technicians and OEM parts. You could even make it model specific and let the customer know when they’ll be due for their first oil change, tire rotation and other routine maintenance. 

2. Shuttle Service/ Loaner Cars

Catering to customers with home or office vehicle pick-up and delivery services has a significant effect on loyalty. If you offer these types of services, create a video to let all your customers and service prospects know. This may be the incentive they need to overcome a distance or convenience barrier.

3. Customer Testimonials 

Younger generations are more likely to rely on recommendations from friends and relatives for service, so be sure to have at least three customer testimonial videos. In these videos, be sure to address consumers’ greatest fears for dealership service departments; e.g. too expensive or slow service. 

4. MPI / Service Process

One in five consumers don’t like dealership service departments because they try to push additional services. To help set customer expectations for their visit, educate them with a video that explains the importance of a multi-point inspection (MPI) and taking care of necessary repairs. Let the customer know what your service process is when they bring their vehicle in for service.

Additionally, equip your service advisors and technicians with tools to create live videos of worn parts so they can text “visual proof” of needed repairs to customers.  

Email or text these videos to the customer prior to calling them about the additional services. This way they can visually see that the additional services being recommended are real and important to address.

5. We Know Your Vehicle

The top three reasons that customers choose to use their dealership for service are:
• They know my vehicle
• Knowledgeable/courteous staff
• Certified/qualified technicians

Create a video that promotes all of the above, including your staff’s expertise and certifications. Explain how complicated it is to diagnose and repair today’s technology-laden vehicles. 

Educate customers on the importance of getting their vehicle serviced on a regular basis, including safety issues but also how it lowers the cost of ownership over time. 

6. Recall Safety

Create a video that educates customers how to check if there’s a recall on their vehicle and explain why it’s important to get recall issues taken care of. Include a call to action in the video and offer an incentive to get recall work taken care of, such as a free car wash, oil change or tank of gas. 

The nice thing about creating these value proposition videos for the service department is that they’re “evergreen,” which means they can be used repeatedly in marketing campaigns. 

The more you can engage and educate your customers, the more likely they will be to trust you and choose your dealership as their service provider the next time they need repairs or maintenance. 

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