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4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Dismiss Used Tires

With new tire prices skyrocketing, it is the perfect time to start incorporating used tires into your product offerings.

Shilo Rea is the chief marketing officer for Champtires

New tire prices are skyrocketing. There are serious supply chain issues, often making it impossible to source them quickly.

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It is the perfect time to start incorporating used tires into your product offerings. When purchased from a reputable company, used tires are an affordable, safe and environmentally friendly option. If you’ve ever bought (or sold) a used car, you’ve most likely bought (and sold) used tires.

1. Used Tire Sellers Are Not Created Equally

When you think of “used tires,” if a pile of dirty, threadbare tires outside of a rickety building comes up, it’s time to expand your horizon. Over the past decade, used tire sales have exploded across the U.S. The reason? Companies have invested in re-selling the highest quality used tires.


The first things to look for when considering a used tire vendor are their storage and inspection processes, which should be clearly explained. Tires should always be kept indoors. They also should go through a multi-point inspection process that includes a visual examination as well as thorough air testing.

Quality is another important indicator. Look for companies that mostly sell tires with 70% or higher tread remaining. Those who have most of their inventory in the 10/32 – 7/32 range are taking the time to source high quality used tires. Sellers with mostly 4/32 and 5/32 treads in stock could be a red flag.

2. Used Tires Cost Less

It may seem like a no brainer, but if saving your business significant money matters to you, you’re really going to like used tires. It doesn’t matter if a vehicle needs to have one, two or a whole set replaced — the bigger used tire companies will have inventory to match the size, brand, model and tread depth that you need.

A Cost Comparison

• New: $159.53 / tire
• Almost New 8/32 Used: $69.65 / tire
• 7/32 Used: $57.48 / tire

3. Why Not Give Your Customers Another Reason to Love You?

Consumers are tired of feeling like they’re being taken advantage of financially. You can build credibility — and customer loyalty — by selling them a safe and affordable alternative to pricey new tires. Go ahead and brag about the cost savings you’re able to pass on to them — they will appreciate it.

4. It’s the Sustainable Choice

Used tires with significant tread left that are not reused end up in landfills. They are an eco-friendly option in an industry often plagued with a poor sustainability reputation. Plus, it’s a great option to give your customers who are clearly making environmentally friendly choices with their Tesla and other electric vehicle purchases.

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