3DShot Mobile App Now Available for Android Users

3DShot Mobile App Now Available for Android Users

By embedding 3D views of vehicles into an online catalog, dealers can bridge the gap between online and offline car research experiences.

The Cappasity team has announced that the 3DShot app is now available for Android users. Now any seller can digitize cars and other vehicles in 3D, regardless of their smartphone model, and share the resulting interactive content on websites and marketplaces to sell faster. 

Using the 3DShot app, sellers can easily create and share interactive 3D/360 visualizations of cars. Immersive content allows consumers to interact with the car just like they would offline. This is particularly important for the used car market since a customer can look at the vehicle from different angles, find any dents, chips, or scratches on it and, consequently, make an informed purchase decision. Until recently, the application was available for iOS users only, but now Android users can also download the app from Google Play and create interactive content on the go with a smartphone camera. 

To create immersive content, the seller simply launches 3DShot on their smartphone, circles the vehicle, and the app automatically creates a 3D View (data format created and patented by Cappasity). The resulting content is then saved in the Cappasity account and the seller can display it on their website. 3DShot content can be embedded into websites on Wix, Tilda, WordPress, Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, Readymag and other platforms. 

Merchants can also showcase their cars in 3D on marketplaces and classifieds that support the Cappasity 3D View format or iframe embed code. Auto marketplaces enhanced with 3D Views of cars will provide their users with a new digital car buying experience and see a boost in both engagement and conversion rate. To allow users to share 3D Views, marketplaces and classifieds need to integrate with Cappasity.

The 3DShot app allows you to digitize any car in 3D:

3DShot for Car Dealer Websites

According to the Deloitte Disruption in the Automotive Industry: How Digital is Changing Car Sales report, 84% of potential buyers research cars on their mobile phones, and the majority would prefer a completely online experience. Indeed, selecting a car online is convenient and advantageous. A consumer doesn’t need to go around auto dealerships in search of a suitable car, can more easily compare offers from different manufacturers and make an informed purchase decision. However, choosing a car online has one significant drawback — the lack of physical contact with the vehicle. 

By embedding high-quality 3D Views of vehicles into an online catalogue, car dealers can bridge this gap between online and offline car research experience. Immersive content will allow potential customers to interact with the car as they would in the dealership: zooming in, exploring it from all angles of perception and selecting the suitable vehicle with confidence. Car dealers will move consumers closer to the decision stage through a fully immersive, interactive web experience.

3DShot for Auto Marketplaces

The global market of online auto marketplaces is highly competitive. To stay profitable in this market, an auto marketplace must find ways to attract new sellers and consumers to the platform and grow sales. One of the most effective ways to attract new merchants to a marketplace and keep the existing sellers on the platform is to provide them with innovative features that will help them make their offers stand out in the marketplace. 3D demonstrations of a vehicle are exactly the tools for this purpose. 

Consumers, in turn, will have an opportunity to examine a vehicle in detail from any angle and will spend more time on the product page, which directly affects their purchase decision. The more time a consumer spends on a product page, the more likely they are to purchase the vehicle. Data obtained by Cappasity shows that integrating 3D Views into product pages increases the time a consumer spends on a product page by 15–45 seconds. This helps to increase conversion on a marketplace by encouraging customers to interact with 3D visualizations of vehicles, and eventually purchase them. 

The opportunity to create a high-quality 3D/360 View of a vehicle and share it on a marketplace is particularly important for private merchants of used cars. 3D demonstration of a vehicle saves time for the merchant: immersive content provides more information about the used car, leaving consumers with fewer questions to ask the seller. Consumers can examine the used car in detail and decide if its exterior and quality meet their requirements and whether they should negotiate the purchase with the merchant. With 3DShot, any merchant can enjoy the benefits of digitizing a car in 3D since the 3D shooting process doesn’t require any special equipment. All you need to create a high-quality 3D View of a vehicle is a smartphone camera. 

“Interactive 3D visualizations of vehicles increase consumers’ involvement on car dealer websites and auto marketplaces, leading to increased sales. However, most auto marketplaces, car dealers and private merchants find 3D visualization of vehicles time-consuming, complicated and unaffordable. 3DShot solves this problem by allowing any seller to make high-quality 3D content easily. With 3DShot, auto marketplaces and car merchants will stand out in today’s hyper-competitive market and boost sales by providing consumers with a fully immersive car buying experience. It’s worth noting that integration with 3DShot is free for classifieds and marketplaces,”says Kosta Popov, Cappasity CEO. 

For more information, visit https://3dshot.io/.

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