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3 Ways to Connect with Customers Using Video

You’re probably familiar with inventory videos, and probably have some posted on your website’s vehicle display pages. But unless someone happens across your website, actively searching for specific inventory, these inventory videos don’t get seen without a video marketing strategy that includes proactive outreach.

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To engage car shoppers and attract more website visitors, use video communications technologies to reach out to customers. Here are a few recommendations:

Video Email

Video email is a great way to let your customers know about sales and service specials, including any OEM incentives that may currently be running. Whatever marketing messages you would normally send out, make them more personal with video.

Create videos designed to raise awareness, educate, entertain, communicate and build trust. Let your customers know that you care about them. If your dealership is making donations to local food banks or otherwise involved in the community, share these stories with your customers. Video has the unique ability to create an instant, emotional connection, so create videos designed to appeal to emotions. 


Lead Response Videos

When you get leads through your website, upgrade your responses with lead response videos. Using newly developed technology, it’s simple to create and embed a video of a salesperson’s personal response to a lead, right into an inventory video that features a car. The video lead response can then be easily sent via email or text. 

A best practice for these videos is for the salesperson to introduce themselves, and answer all the prospect’s questions. It only takes a few minutes to create a personalized lead response video and the response rates are off the charts compared to written email lead responses.


Live Streaming

Have you tried a live-streaming video call? This type of call is ideal if a customer wants to see a particular vehicle and has questions about it. The salesperson can suggest initiating a live video call and do a live vehicle walkaround using their smartphone or other mobile device. This allows the salesperson to answer all customer questions in real-time, zoom in on certain features and do a complete product presentation, without ever having to interact with the customer in person.

In the service department, advisors or techs can use live streaming video calls to show customers worn-down parts that need to be replaced or repaired, while answering customer questions real-time in order to get the approvals they need. 


Dealers should know that all these video communication technologies can be integrated with your dealership’s CRM, so you can store and keep track of communications going back and forth between employees and customers.

Communicating with friends and family via video is the new normal. If you’re not yet using video to communicate with your customers, now is the time to be proactive and make the necessary changes to your sales and service processes.

It’s never been more important to personally connect with your customers, and video is hands down the best medium for making these connections last.

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