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10 Loyalty Tips: How to Build a Strong Repeat/Referral Customer Base, Part 1

Investing in my repeat and referral customers had created the opportunity for me to produce at the highest level delivering 30 to 40 vehicles or more per month working four days per week, seeing customers by appointment only and earning a solid six-figure income.

1. Start by Articulating a Vision for What Type of Customers You Want to Attract
My professional sales experience mostly comes from selling automobiles. I started in the car business with a desire to succeed. I approached it as a dream job and career and I put in a lot of effort in build a strong customer base.Investing in my repeat and referral customers had created the opportunity for me to produce at the highest level delivering 30 to 40 vehicles or more per month working four days per week, seeing customers by appointment only and earning a solid six-figure income.

I was fortunate enough to work for an organization that invested in mandatory training. I was excited about the business, and the training was effective. From Day One, I’ve decided to invest in my customers for the long term. I wanted to do business with people who enjoyed doing business with me. I connected with them and I protected these clients like gold.

2. Find Your Brand, and Give Customers a Great Experience with It

A critical step in sales success is to humanize your brand by interacting and engaging in social media channels. Behaving like a person rather than a big corporation is what makes your customers feel a closer, more personal connection with your brand — and that connection will result in stronger brand loyalty.

After the sale, focus on being of service. Do you think anyone else invited them to share their problems lately, offering to solve them with no headache and providing a pleasant solution? This is how I earned my nickname from one of my great repeat customers: The #ProfessionalProblemSolver. I solved my client’s problems and I took pride performing as a positive person in their life. This is how my brand was born. They wont forget that. An effective brand will earn you loyalty and great impression. I connect with almost all of my customers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or any social media platform they might choose to use. I’m on all of them, always on point.

3. Have a Strong Follow-Up System
Thanks to a unique follow up system I’ve created, a business relationship is very close to a personal one — and just as powerful. Many salespeople give up on the third voice mail and assume this person will never answer the phone. Look for other ways of communication, and don’t give up until you hear back from your clients.

I stay in constant communication in my client’s favorite form of conversion, focusing on solving as many of my clients’ problems as possible. I love it when people call me about small issues or big issues; I encouraged them to do it as often as humanly possible. I always want to be a man of value. The world becomes less and less personal everyday; it’s good to have friends with answers. Be that person for your clients. Look for challenges and problems to solve. I had several lists of clients, but my “Golden List” was with all of my repeat customers and my referral agents. I called these clients every 30 days and every other previous client every 45 days. I also had a “Problems List” that I checked daily.

I created a follow up system that will investigate the priorities of each and every one of my customers and this will be noted in details using the CRM. That way I can deliver exceptional value every time I call. I always end my calls with “call to action.”

4. Design the Perfect Experience

You have to deliver the desired customer experience before, during and after transactions — essentially what a customer should see, think, feel and share throughout the entire process. I had the vision in my head as the way I would like my experience of “purchasing a vehicle” to go, make it a special occasion and feel great about it. It’s a process. This process is what the customers call great experience.

One of the principles I’ve created for myself and followed with each and every client was to always Over promise and Over deliver!

5. Deliver Massive Value, and Give Everyone an Unforgettable Experience
I realized that the key to being unique and delivering a world-class experience is to focus on doing something for my customers they don’t expect. The phrase “be remarkable” is often thrown around yet seldom taken to heart by businesses. Give your customers a reason to talk about you in a positive light. People don’t want to share average experiences with their friends. They want to talk about the remarkable ones.

Next time, we’ll finish this list of ways to build strong repeat customer practices and build your loyal customer base.

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