Traver Connect


Traver Connect™ drives daily appointment business to the two most important areas of your dealership: your showroom floor and service drive!  After 20+ years of creating and innovating the Business Development Center, John Traver now brings Traver Connect™ to market as the next generation solution for creating daily appointment business.

In the service drive, we average $41 of upsold revenue per RO as we answer your appointment calls and free up your service advisors. We are an approved partner of Xtime and Shop Watch allowing us to interact with vehicle history on every call.

On the showroom floor our solutions are turn-key. We are integrated to your DMS and CRM. We make the calls, set the appointments and provide you with quality showroom traffic every day. There is no training or software needed, just allow our state-of-the-art, Automotive BDC located in Dallas, Texas do the work! All of our solutions are legitimate profit centers for your dealership and can take you to the next level!


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