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Spotlight - Lisandra Ramos

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Our guest blogger today is Lisandra Ramos. Lisandra is a Communications Specialist at ActivEngage Inc.

Three Ways to Run a More Progressive Dealership

Lisandra-HeadshotI've recently seen a lot of cutting-edge automotive companies thrive on risk and steer the industry in new directions. For example, a 45-minute car-buying experience, an online car purchase option, car salespeople building a strong social media presence on their own — all of these changes to the car buying and selling process might have been considered unlikely, or even unprofitable, by some, but were made real and effective by others not limited by the word "can't."

OEMs, auto groups, and dealerships of all sizes are as tired of the status quo as car buyers are — and they're starting to do something about it. You can, as well, by running a progressive dealership.

Spotlight - Bill Wittenmyer

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Our guest blogger today is Bill Wittenmyer. Bill is a partner of ELEAD1ONE.

Law of Nature

BillWittenmyer.cropped.webThis year, we have had more bird nests in my backyard than usual. It is a rare privilege to watch the progression of nature through all its courses. One bird didn't make it, but the rest grew and eventually left the nest. What I find most interesting is the care and effort these birds put into the whole process. Painstakingly building the nest and sitting on the eggs for days at a time, and then, gathering food and feeding the babies religiously after they are born. Finally, as the baby birds begin to outgrow the nest, they literally flap their wings in practice until that fateful moment when they fly away. I'm no bird watcher or expert, but the whole process seemed to take about a month.

Spotlight - Jim Roche

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Our guest blogger today is Jim Roche. Jim is the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Managed Services at Xtime.

Telematics: Moving the "Connected Car" Forward

Vehicle Maintenance Goes into the 21st Century

JimRocheWhen a consumer thinks about the "connected car," the first things that come to mind are navigation and infotainment. In actuality, there are so many more telematics options available to consumers that deliver mutual benefits to consumers, dealers and OEMs.

Telematics in the connected car has changed the way that brands, dealerships and drivers interact. While most service departments today stay busy consistently, there is always room for improvement. Based on recent studies, dealerships could generate 32 percent more business if they promoted and pre-sold their technicians' time more effectively; however, this requires the tools to do so. Let that sink in for a minute — that means an improvement in shop utilization and potential revenue.

Spotlight - Dale Pollak

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Our guest blogger today is Dale Pollak. Dale is the best - selling author and founder of vAuto.

Three Ways To Increase New Vehicle Pricing Efficiency and Profitability

DalePollak.cropped.webI've been getting requests from dealers recently to help them evaluate their performance in new vehicles.

The inquiries follow dealer concerns about ever-smaller margins on the new vehicles they sell, and a desire to increase market share and volume while maximizing the profitability for every retail unit.

These discussions have revealed three curious findings:

Inventory turns — I've found that, on average, dealers turn their new vehicle inventories five to seven times a year. This finding even applies to dealers who achieve a respectable annualized inventory turn of 12 to 15 times a year in their used vehicle departments.