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Spotlight - Mark Tewart

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Our guest blogger today is Mark Tewart. Mark is the president of Tewart Enterprises, and the author of the best seller, How To Be A Sales Superstar.

Leadership Is the Foundation of Success

mtewart2If you build a luxury house on a bad foundation, it will crumble. The strong foundation of all organizations starts with leadership. A great leader can build something from nothing, and a bad leader will tear down the best organization ever built.

There are many characteristics to leaders but one that is present in all leaders is that true leaders don't have to be asked to lead. There is a natural calling or feeling of leadership for true leaders. Leaders jump to be in the position of leadership and even assume the role no matter their titles. Leaders feel like there is inherently something wrong if they are not leading. Leaders know they are leaders. Leaders are the minority of society because they not only want to lead but feel they are born to lead.

Spotlight - Kevin McMillen

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Our guest blogger today is Kevin J. McMillen. Kevin is the vice president of enterprise accounts for Authenticom.

Vehicle Inventory Tools

speaker-KevinMcMillenIn today's world of technology for automobile dealers, I find myself increasingly concerned about a few things when it comes to inventory management tools for auto dealers:

1. Increasing costs to dealers for management of their online listings
2. Lack of support for cross-browser and mobile implementations
3. Accuracy of representation of vehicle details

Spotlight - Bill Wittenmyer

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Our guest blogger today is Bill Wittenmyer. Bill is a partner at ELEAD1ONE.

Meetings (also known as job justification)

BillWittenmyer.cropped.webHow many meetings have you attended where you've failed to know the purpose of it or walked out not having a clue as to what just happened? Or worse, the meetings that are actually counterproductive and fail to accomplish their mission. My favorites are the old sales meetings at the beginning of the month that produce a false sense of goal with each salesperson. As the leader goes around the room, each salesperson tries to one up the next. By the time you ultimately get to the last one, salespeople are claiming goals and numbers that are nowhere close to reality. The entire dealership is now managing and celebrating this unrealistic goal, but hey — we all felt good that morning as we made the promise of a record month.

Spotlight - Jordan Bentley

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Our guest blogger today is Jordan Bentley. Jordan is the national sales manager for Callbright.

Why the Millennial Generation Is Important to Your Dealership

Jordan Bentley HeadshotMillennials (18- to 34-year-olds) are one of the most important groups of customers to your car dealership. In 2012, 25 percent of all new vehicles sold in the U.S. were purchased by Millennials. This generation is taking the automobile industry by storm.

Older generations sometimes have a hard time understanding or relating to the things that are important to Millennials (selfies, iPhones and Netflix, for example), but they're beginning to acknowledge this generation as respectable and valuable customers. In fact, a lot of dealerships are hiring Millennial sales staff because they can relate better to Millennial customers. This is a good move on their part, because in order to know how to cater to Millennials' wants and needs, you first need to understand them and how they work.