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Spotlight - Joey Little

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Our guest blogger today is Joey Little. Joey is the VP of Social Strategy at MotoFuze.

The Power of One — Re-Engaging Employees to Win with Your Customers

Joey.Little. HeadshotYou've heard that disengaged employees can cost your company a significant amount —much more than most companies want to think about paying. But what do you stand to gain when you put in the time and effort to truly engage your employees and establish a positive culture throughout your business?

The connection your employees have with your customers is your most valuable tool for growing your brand. The more an employee feels a part of your mission, the easier it is for him or her to connect with your customers on an emotional level, and this partnership with your business is critical to success in today's marketplace.

Dealer Spotlight - Jeff Dodson

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Our guest blogger today is Jeff Dodson. Jeff is the founder and CEO of Dodson Auto Group.

Boost Your Dealership's Direct Mail Conversion Rates With an Integrated Approach

Jeff D Head ShotNot only does direct mail continue to be a viable means of driving sales for automotive dealerships, but it's also an opportunity to make a deeper emotional impact than can be achieved with any digital communication. The data supports direct mail's ability to make a deep impact across age demographics, and to influence consumer purchases.

According to a Two Sides study in 2012, 69 percent of 18 to 24 year olds prefer print and paper communications to reading from a screen, and automotive consumer direct mail response trends continue to far outperform digital communication.

Spotlight - Larry Barditch

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Our guest blogger today is Larry Barditch. Larry is the Vice President & Digital Strategy & Innovation at MSA Advertising. 

Five Steps to Increase Website Lead Form Conversions

LarryBarditch.cropped webWebsite lead forms are a lot like dating. If you ask for too much information on a first date, it might end earlier than you think. If you request too much customer info, your lead submissions and bounce rate might suffer. But what is the magic bullet for perfect lead forms? Sadly, there isn't one. We provide Website visitors so much information these days that lead form submissions are on the decline. Generating high-quality lead form conversions has become a challenge for most dealers. The secret is to get the consumer to provide lead information in exchange for a benefit. The first question in people's mind is "what's in it for me?" Visitors need an incentive to fill out the form, just like we provide incentives for them to buy cars.

Spotlight - Jasen Rice

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Our guest blogger today is Jasen Rice. Jasen is the owner of LotPop. 

Retail your aged units, not wholesale them

JasenRice.cropped.webSo many dealers who I have spoken to over the last 10 years have given their aged retail units away at the auction lane and didn’t give it a fair shot on the retail end.

Time and time again I have asked dealers about a particular aged used car and they would say, “Oh, I just wholesaled that one.” I would then ask them what they “just wholesaled” it for, and they might say something like $19,000, but then I would look at their last retail price and it was at $22,000. My next question to them would be, “Why didn’t you at least price at $20,000 or even $19,000 on the retail market before you wholesaled it for $19,000?” The typical response? “Well, I was already 15 percent below market, and the best priced one at $22,000 and it didn’t sell, so what else would you have me do? Plus I was already losing $500 at that price.” My answer back would be to “throw away the retail market information at this point, if $22,000 and No. 1 priced in the market didn’t work. Then, at least price it at or a little above what you’re willing to wholesale it for so you have an opportunity for a trade or F&I money.”