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Spotlight - Kate Zabriskie

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Our guest blogger today is Kate Zabriskie. Kate is the president of Business Training Works, Inc.

Got Business Manners?
Putting Your Best Foot Forward for Better Customer Service

KateZabriskie.cropped web"I sat there and watched the two of them completely engaged on Facebook. Never mind the fact that I'm a customer, and they are supposed to be helping me. The sad thing is: I'm not sure that they even realized how rude they were. Needless to say, I will never 'like' that place. I only go to that store when I'm desperate."

"I sent in a donation and never heard a word from those people. I guess they missed the gratitude lesson in Fundraising 101. The next time I think about contributing to a cause, you can bet I'll pick a charity that knows how to say 'thank you.'"

"After speaking with that woman on the phone, I felt violated. I know she needed the answers to the financial questions in order to help me, but something just seemed wrong about the whole thing. I can't put my finger on it, but it wasn't a good feeling."

Spotlight - Christine Plunkett

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Our guest blogger today is Christine Plunkett. Christine is the Director of Dealer Strategy at Dealer Authority.

The Shame of the Feminist Marketer

Christine-with-DA-smallSelling and sexism go together like peas and carrots.

I consider myself a feminist. I talk about equality, fairness, ending the objectification of women, yada, yada, yada. But where the rubber meets the road, it seems, I'm no better than anyone else.

Recently while out at brunch I spotted a bottle of 2012 Podrumi Kresic Cabernet Sauvignon behind the bar. While it is not unusual for me to become excited at the sight of alcohol, this was a particularly special occasion. The wine was imported from Croatia by my friend Chris's company, Mack Imports LTD, and I have offered my services to help him market it online. So far, I've only taken a few pictures at tastings and offered some pointers for Facebook marketing: Get a page, fill your page with complete, robust information, make a logo, post information and pictures of your product, support your efforts with post engagement spend and promote your products and events with targeted advertisements. The stuff I do every single day for my dealers.

Spotlight - Jim Roche

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Our guest blogger today is Jim Roche. Jim is the senior vice president of marketing and managed services at Xtime.

Three Ways to Win Over Millennials in the Service Department

JimRocheYou can't satisfy today's customers with yesterday's service department. Are you equipped to give them what they want?

Today's technology-minded customers expect a more-connected experience in the service lanes. Approximately 90 million Millennials are entering adulthood — and their peak auto-purchasing years. Millennials are just the first of many generations who will grow up with sophisticated technology at their fingertips, and much of this demographic is making a rapid transition from alternative means of transportation to car ownership, thanks to auto technology catching up to their expectations.

Spotlight - Diana Eidson

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Our guest blogger today is Diana Eidson. Diana has mastered the world of sales and marketing for over 15 years. She has effectively implemented sales techniques for maximizing opportunity. Diana has innovatively shown business owners and sales consultants how to generate more leads, close more sales and gain more profit.

The Nasty Truth About Car People and How They Came to Be

HeadshotMany people think of car sales as a "last resort" career. Sort of like the military option for young misbehaved men. Well, I recently discovered how truly incorrect that theory was. This industry consists of bright, intelligent and outstanding people. Sure, there are stories of people who have struggled all their life and have come to work for a dealership looking for a new start but instead, found their true calling along the way. There are also stories of people who came from a college-educated background. These business people realized this is where the money was at and decided to continue on their path to success.