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Spotlight - Jim Roche

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Our guest blogger today is Jim Roche. Jim is the senior vice president of marketing and managed services at Xtime.

Demystifying Marketing: Four Secrets to Successfully Sell Your Service Department

JimRocheIf you're searching for ways to drive revenue in your dealership, look no further than the service department. It's no secret that repair orders boost your bottom line, of course. But beyond that, the service department is a great place to nurture customer relationships after the sale, increasing your odds of customer retention and future purchases. Getting enough business in your service department to reap these benefits won't happen by itself, though. For that to happen, you need to market your service department effectively.

Spotlight - Katie Barth

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Our guest blogger today is Katie Barth. Katie is the Marketing Manager at PureCars.

Don't Blow Your Budget During Election Season: How to Make the Most of Your Ad Spend Until November 8

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAfjAAAAJDY1Njc2ZGI4LWRlMjgtNGVlYy1iMDBlLTQwN2NjNGQyZmZjMQTen years ago, politicians relied primarily on traditional advertising to further their campaign efforts. Refocus on 2016: When is the last time you saw an advertisement for the upcoming election outside of television? Candidates are dominating across all mediums: from traditional to mobile, Facebook to Twitter, and YouTube to Snapchat. There's one thing both candidates have in common: having a digital presence is not only critical for success, but became increasingly difficult in 2016. And they're not alone.

Spotlight - Jordan Bentley

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Our guest blogger today is Jordan Bentley. Jordan is the National Sales Manager for Callbright.

Are You Losing Customers to a Slow Buying Process?

Jordan Bentley HeadshotI might love food and cooking, but even I can get a little frustrated while grocery shopping. I always spend way more time there than I initially planned, my basket usually has a few (or a lot) more things than were on my shopping list, and I hate waiting in long lines at the register. Who has time for that?

Buying a car and going grocery shopping are pretty different, but how you feel about your time as a consumer should give you an idea about how your dealership customers feel when they spend more time there than they had planned, leave with more options than they wanted and spend hours finishing the delivery process.

Spotlight - Sally Whitesell

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Our guest blogger today is Sally Whitesell. Sally is the President of sw Service Solutions and the founder of Fixed Ops University.

Is Selling to Women Really Different?

My picThe moment a woman enters your dealership, she is looking for signals — signals you may not even realize you are sending. What is your demeanor? What are your intentions? Do you take her seriously?

Why should we care about the signals we're sending to women in our dealership? Because statistics show that women are a major economic force. Market analyst Bridgett Brennen states in her book Why She Buys that women drive 70 to 80 percent of all consumer purchasing, through a combination of their buying power and influence.