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Spotlight - Judith Olson

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Our guest blogger today is Judith Olson, controller of Sister Technology. 

Success Tips for Selling Vehicles in Today’s Market 

jolsonThe networked world of information technology continues to proliferate new tools of communication and information sharing — so rapidly, in fact, that it is often a challenge for the sales team of any organization to keep up with the pace. In the last 15 years, modern computer technology has become such a treasure trove of marketing advantages that the sales and marketing teams of most any industry offering products or services are forced to leverage those new tech tools as much as possible to stay competitive.

Spotlight - Jody DeVere

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Our guest blogger today is Jody DeVere. Jody is the CEO of Ak Patty Inc.

Dealer Conferences and Training About Female Car Buyers

JodyDeVere.croppedWhere are you on the "women car-buyers” topic? Do you know the number of women who influence purchase decisions of your brand? Buy your brand? Use your brand? Are you communicating effectively with women in your sales and service departments? In your marketing and advertising? In your digital marketing and social media efforts? How does the changing face of women as consumers impact your business?

Nan McCann, president of PME Enterprises, has her finger on the pulse of the modern marketplace when it comes to women consumers. McCan is the co-founder of the M2W (Marketing to Women) Conference and the M2Moms (Marketing to Moms) Conference.

Spotlight - Bill Wittenmyer

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Our guest blogger is Bill Wittenmyer. Bill is a partner at ELEAD1ONE. 

How You Finish Depends on How You Started

BillWittenmyer.cropped.webWe have come to that time of year when, regardless of our position, we all start to evaluate our 2014 finish. Did you hit your sales goals, personal goals and financial goals? Where did you finish in comparison to last year? Did you grow and improve? Notice that I did not ask where you finished in relation to coworkers or competitors, because it does not matter. Your coworkers do not pay your bills and neither do competitors. You should never measure yourself against others; instead, always strive to be in a position by which others measure success.

Spotlight - Larry Barditch

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Larry Barditch, vice president of MSA Advertising is out guest blogger today!

What you need to know about Google's new My Business

LarryBarditch.cropped webFormerly Google "Places" for businesses, Google rolled out "My Business" in August, which allows you to manage your Google business platforms under one dashboard. The platform includes managing your Google+, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Insights and YouTube accounts. The upgrade is actually quite convenient when set up correctly, but if not executed properly could hurt your authority.