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Spotlight - K.C. Loughlin

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Our guest blogger today is K.C. Loughlin. K.C. is the Sales Director at DealerSocket.

Three Inventory Management Strategies: Don't Get Caught Off Guard

glassesMost experts have predicted a shift in sales from new cars to used in the coming year. With this influx of pre-owned merchandise on the way, it is imperative you have a strong inventory management strategy in place to stay ahead of oversupply and optimize your used car operations. Following are three inventory management strategies to keep your cars moving swiftly through the inventory lifecycle.

Back to the Basics

Dealer Spotlight - Jeremy A Abramson

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Our guest blogger today is Jeremy A. Abramson. Jeremy is the General Manager at Brandfon Honda.

Call Your Store

JAA PhotoIn the age of cell phones, does anyone still have a land line? And, before you say yes, better check to see if it's VoIP or the old-school land line. Some of the younger generation doesn't even know what a land line is these days.

This isn't going to be an anti-technology rant — just the opposite. Technology is amazing and, when used properly, can propel us faster and faster toward our goals. But at what cost?

About a year ago, Eric Pickersgill compiled a series of photographs and removed smartphones from the pictures in an attempt to show how we appear these days with our cell phones in hand. It's pretty cool and has gotten more than two million views.

Spotlight - Jordan Bentley

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Our guest blogger today is Jordan Bentley. Jordan is the National Sales Manager for Callbright.

Win Back Your Local Customers

Jordan Bentley HeadshotThink about some of the people who bought cars from you in the last few months. Did they all live in the same city as your dealership? What about the same county? Same state?

The answer to the first two questions is very likely "no," and depending on your location, you've probably sold to a few out-of-state customers, as well. I've even heard stories of customers flying to a dealership to drive a car back home, or a dealership delivering cars to a customer's driveway. Some customers never step foot in a showroom these days.

Spotlight - Nancy Lim

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Our guest blogger today is Nancy Lim. Nancy is the Director of Marketing for PureCars.

How Dealers Can Profit From Google's 2016 Advertising Changes

NancyLim.croppedFor Google, 2016 has been a year focused on the customer experience.

Google is the first site many consumers visit when starting the browsing process, especially when searching for a vehicle. Though it's mostly up to dealers and other retailers to optimize digital advertising, Google has taken matters into its own hands this past year and implemented a number of changes that will change the way businesses advertise and consumers search and shop, from the removal of desktop ads to speedier ads for mobile devices.