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Spotlight - Jasen Rice

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Our guest blogger today is Jasen Rice. Jasen is the owner of LotPop.


JasenRice.cropped.webThere are a ton of reasons why a car will age. Maybe it's wrong color, has the wrong trim or equipment. Maybe we took too long for transportation, we took too long to get through service, we took too long to get it photographed, or we paid too much and want to ride out the storm and see if I can get someone else to pay too much for it, too. On and on the reasons go for why a car ages on our lot. Some of these issues we had no control over — but some of them we do.

I don't want to get tangled up in issues beyond the dealer's control that allow cars to bleed through a dealerships inventory and become aged — transportation issues, service/part hold/title issues, etc. What we can control, and the biggest reason that I have seen over the years on why a car ages, is that the price hasn't been adjusted for weeks and sometimes months. It's that simple: Adjusting pricing regularly will reduce age issues.

Spotlight - Trish DeFeo-Parkes

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Our guest blogger today is Trish DeFeo-Parkes. Trish is a support specialist at

Sustainable Leadership is Shifting Gears to a Better Future

TrishWe've all heard the term "open door policy." It's probably one of the most often used clichés written in company manuals or spoken by GMs at the monthly sales meeting. In theory, it sounds like the beginning of a long-lasting relationship. In reality, the open door policy rarely exists beyond anything more than glass-encased ideas, unsupported concerns and barred opinions — all of which usually stay behind a closed door.

With more t-shirt wearers and table tennis champs becoming CEOs and business owners, sustainable leadership is becoming the norm. These forward thinkers realize that creating an open door culture on the inside that is powered by communication, collaboration and new technologies is more viable than one built with a few numbers and a couple of tanks worth of ego. Let's face it, leadership comes in all frameworks, and those who own the title don't always know what to do with it. Additionally, there isn't a secret formula to sustainability, longevity or permanence in any type of business — or for those higher-ups running them. For the automotive industry, shifting gears into the new type of unplugged model of business operations may just keep them on the right road for a longer period.

Spotlight - Tim Cuzzo

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Our guest blogger today is Tim Cuzzo. Tim is the COO at The Next Up.

Put Test Drives Back in the Mix with Geo-Fencing

AAEAAQAAAAAAAANWAAAAJDhhYmI4OTkyLWU1MzgtNGFlNS1hMzIyLTdhZDU5YjliMTA0MAAs more online researchers hit dealership lots ready to buy, the industry as a whole has seen a steep decline in test drives. Many salespeople assume a customer is already sold, so they don't insist on "feeling the wheel." But skipping this crucial step means salespeople are missing the biggest value-add available. A test drive is the one step that will never physically take place online, and it's a game-changer. The fact is that test drives simply sell more vehicles; that's why forward-thinking dealers are adding geo-fencing apps to their salespersons' mobile devices. These apps track and collect test drive data to hold salespeople accountable, enable sales managers to proactively help close more deals, and identify patterns that can lead to more sales.

Spotlight - Phil Penton

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Our guest blogger today is Phil Penton. Phil manages Brand Development and Strategic Alliances at SureCritic.

A Changing Landscape for Reputation Management

philpentonIt's a significant struggle to manage your dealership's reputation in today's digital world. You're caught between third-party review sites plagued by allegations of "gaming" the system, and traditional CSI surveys that lack actionable data and often cannot be shared to improve social standing. It's no wonder many dealers feel like throwing up their hands and retreating from the process altogether. But the fact remains, online reviews aren't going anywhere. Consumers love them, and according to SEO tool provider Brightlocal, 88 percent trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. In short, they are crucial to the success of your dealership.