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Spotlight - Jordan Bentley

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Our guest blogger today is Jordan Bentley. Jordan is the National Sales Manager for Callbright.

Get Your Blogging on Track With the Three B's of Blogging
By Jordan Bentley

Jordan Bentley HeadshotThe interesting thing about viral content is that it's frequently as forgettable as it is memorable. For all the attention viral content gets, it can disappear in a relatively short amount of time as some other piece of viral content takes its place.

Blogging especially can fall victim to the viral nature of the internet, as a single post might be wildly popular and have a reach far larger than most of your posts. But by their nature, blogs should be built for long-term staying power. They don't have to be 1,000-word thinkpieces, but a 500-word description on how to winterize your car can be far more in depth and effective than any 140-character tweet (that will be forgotten in a couple days) will ever be.

Spotlight - Joey Little

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Our guest blogger today is Joey Little. Joey is the Executive Director of Digital & Social Engagement at AutoAlert.

Building Today's Communication Tool Box

Joey Little Head ShotIf you were to open your grandpa's tool box from years ago, you'd probably recognize many of the tools, but there would also be several that appeared outdated. In comparison, the tools you use to build, repair and update your space today are probably much more modern versions than those used in previous generations. That's because over time, we've advanced and adapted in order to work more efficiently and accomplish a greater amount of work. The same holds true with the way we communicate. There was time when the rotary phone was an invaluable tool, an innovative addition to our everyday lives. Now, however, most of us would be lost without a mobile device in-hand — and many of us carry multiple devices just to stay connected and keep us on top of what's happening in our world.

Publisher - Susan Givens

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Our guest blogger today is Susan Givens. Susan is the publisher for AutoSuccess Magazine.

Four Tips on Making Sense of Social Media

10645038 10152588010193800 4476204435843004617 nSocial media.

For some, that phrase conjures up an exciting way to connect with customers that previous generations of car dealers couldn't have dreamed of. For others, it sounds like a dreaded burden — yet another marketing avenue that requires attention to stay up with the competition and may or may not pan out for increased sales.

Like it or loathe it, you can't ignore it.

Spotlight - Shane Skinner

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Our guest blogger today is Shane Skinner. Shane is the Co-Founder and CEO of Record360.

Boosting Service Center Revenue
What Dealership's Can Do To Better Retain Service Customers

Shane SkinnerIn today's CSI score-centric dealership environments, being on top of customer satisfaction and demands can be the difference between a revenue-bursting year — or a year of revenue declines. But staying ahead of the competition is difficult when you're trying to keep costs in check and have limited funds at your disposal.

These concerns were at the heart of the recent Dealership Service Center Report, conducted by Record360. Featuring responses from more than 500 respondents who used a dealership's service center in the past year, the survey unearthed what's at the heart of customers choosing their dealership's service center versus other options and the factors that likely lead to customers no longer visiting at all. Perhaps more importantly, the survey sheds light on what dealerships can do today to improve customer satisfaction, earn repeat visits and boost their bottom lines.