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Our guest blogger today is Susan Givens. Susan is the publisher of AutoSuccess Magazine.

"Giving Thanks" is More Than a Time of Year

"Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow." – Melody Beattie

10645038 10152588010193800 4476204435843004617 nIt's easy to just stop hearing the word "thanks" at this time of year. Like any word that gets repeated over and over again, it can start to lose its meaning. Add in the (hopefully happy) stresses of family gatherings, meal preparation, travel and the ever-encroaching holiday shopping season, and its understandable when the spirit of Thanksgiving gets lost in the shuffle.

It only takes a moment, though, to reflect on things that you are grateful for and people who make your life special. And, ideally, those moments should be spread across the year, and not jammed into spare moments at the end of it.

Spotlight - Jeremy Anspach

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Our guest blogger today is Jeremy Anspach. Jeremy is the CEO and co-founder of PureCars.

Finding the Right Balance Between Traditional and Digital Advertising

JeremyAnspach.cropped.2015Not long ago, traditional marketing tactics were the bread and butter of successful advertising. If dealers wanted to connect with customers, they built large-scale awareness campaigns using TV, radio and print advertising. Today, however, digital marketing dominates. Approximately 80 percent of companies plan to increase their digital marketing budgets moving into the new year. And, for the first time ever, global mobile advertising spend is predicted to account for more than 50 percent of all digital spend in 2016.

It can be easy to look beyond traditional advertising methods and straight toward this digitally driven future, but auto marketers cannot forget what's proven useful in the past. While digital marketing will account for a high percentage of tomorrow's budgets, it's hardly the only avenue available to marketers. What's more, consumers are drawn to both. When marketers neglect either traditional or digital options, they also stop themselves from connecting with and converting interested shoppers.

Spotlight - Joe Henry

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Our guest blogger today is Joe Henry. Joe is the owner of ACT Staffing. 

Auto and Collision Techs, $50 Clock Hour PLUS Production and Sign-On Bonus, Full Benefits-

JoeHenry.croppedDid that futuristic help-wanted ad headline make you more nervous than an albino hitch-hiking in a blizzard? It should. And it is not too far off from today. As a matter of fact, my prognostication is that it will be a typical ad by the end of 2016. Here's why:

The Incredible Shrinking Skill Force — The 2007 recession that followed the collapse of the housing market, the stock market and, ultimately, the car biz had a cataclysmic effect on blue-collar workers' heads — including technicians. We are all still reeling from the "Recession Blues" because it pushed all of our minds into completely different mental ZIP codes. But the result on technicians — and we had a shortage before the recession — is that 25 percent were laid off when cars weren't sold or serviced. Papa Wrench went home with a pink slip, and that removed their motor cortex; very few ever returned.

Spotlight - Mike Esposito

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Our guest blogger today is Mike Esposito. Mike it the President and CEO, Auto/Mate Dealership Systems.

How to Create a "Best Place to Work"

MikeEsposito.croppedRecently, Auto/Mate received a 'Best Places to Work" award from the Albany Business Review for the sixth year in a row. We have also been voted a "Top Workplace" by the Times-Union multiple years in a row. Focusing on employee happiness has long been one my top priorities. People often ask me how I do it, but before I answer that, I'd like to explain why I do it.

This is a fact: Your customers will never love your company unless your employees love your company. Auto dealers spend millions of dollars ever year on customer loyalty products, but you can't buy loyalty. Loyalty is when a customer has a bad experience at your dealership, but still comes back to give you another chance because they have a relationship with your employees and they believe in your sincerity.