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Spotlight - Bill Wittenmyer

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Our guest blogger this week is Bill Wittenmyer. Bill is a partner at ELEAD1ONE. 

To Whom Are You Listening, and Who May Be Listening To You?

BillWittenmyer.cropped.webMost of you know that my posts are generally inspired by real-life experiences, and this edition is no different. On recent business trips, I was reminded of several pieces of advice that I have been given over the years, and I feel compelled to pass them along.

I don't mean to be ironic, but the first bit of advice is to be mindful of where you get your advice. In the airport today — one that I find myself in several times per month — I stopped to get my shoes shined.

Spotlight - Jasen Rice

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Process, Implementation and Management, On Both Your Physical and Virtual Lots

JasenRice.cropped.webIn the 10 years that I have spent in dealerships selling cars, and in the last eight years traveling the nation visiting at least 1,000 stores, I have come to the conclusion that success comes from three steps:
1. Good processes
2. Implementation of the processes
3. Management of the processes

It all starts with a good process; it doesn't have to be a great process, because I believe that you will build a great process when you start with a good one. Implement it, then manage it and make people accountable, then tweak it to make it great. It doesn't matter if it is floor sales, F&I, Internet, new cars, used cars, service or body shop, the start of a good process, worked and accounted for daily, is the difference between the good dealerships and the great ones.

Dealer Spotlight - Tony Provost

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Our guest blogger this week is Tony Provost. Tony is the president and dealer principal for Nissan of Bourne in Massachusetts.

Video & SEO Together

tony-provostThere's one simple fact that will help all dealerships: How do YouTube videos of your inventory help your sales? The answer: Google owns YouTube, and Google loves streaming video. With online video of your entire inventory, your company can go to the top of the search. How much effort and expense will this cost you? A lot less than you might think.

More than 90 percent of car buyers use search engines to shop for vehicles. Would you agree? If yes, continue reading this easy material.

Spotlight - Mark Tewart

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Mark Tewart, President of Tewart Enterprises and Author of "How To Be A Superstar" is our guest blogger this week. 

The "Disneyland Effect"
By Mark Tewart

mark-tewartThere is a poison that is affecting many salesmen and managers in dealerships. This poison is the ideas that, with Internet transparency and selection shopping, those customers know exactly what they want and the price they will pay. Don't drink the Kool-Aid.

The true numbers show that customers change something about their purchase once they arrive at the dealership. They change models; equipment, colors and some even switch from new to used and vice versa. The numbers also show that the best performing Internet dealerships earn profits that match traditional walk-in customers.