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Spotlight - James Patrick Kahler

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Our guest blogger today is James Patrick Kahler. James is the content specialist and copywriter for Hireology. 

The Four-Step Process for Phone Interviews


JimmyPatrick.cropped webRemember those things called blind dates? They use to be somewhat commonplace (although awkward) amongst American singles before Websites such as eHarmony or "dating" apps like Tinder came to be.

There's a reason why blind dating has become a thing of the past. People want to know whom they're meeting up with before they actually meet. They want to know what they're like and, most importantly, what they look like. Now, it's just weird to expect any sort of a connection with a stranger prior to communicating with that person.

Spotlight - Mark Tewart

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Our guest blogger today is Mark Tewart. Mark is the president of Tewart Enterprises. 

Make Your Sales Approach Your Own Movie
By Mark Tewart

mtewart2If I were to video your next sales encounter, what kind of movie genre would I compare it to? Would it be a drama, a comedy, an adventure, fiction, non-fiction or perhaps a horror story? Let me give you an example. How many contacts do you make a month? How many presentations? How many closing attempts? How many follow-ups? More importantly, what do all those things look and sound like? If it were a movie, would you watch it? If you were a movie critic, how would you rate it? Would it be two thumbs up or two thumbs down?

Spotlight - Bill Wittenmyer

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Our guest blogger today is Bill Wittenmyer. Bill is a partner at ELEAD1ONE. 

The Great Big Toys "R" Us Christmas Wish Book

BillWittenmyer.cropped.webAs a child, my favorite time of year was Christmas — actually, it still is. As an adult, I look forward to the family gatherings, the comfort of tradition and the true meaning of this holiday. As a child, however, it was all about the candy, fun and the Toys "R" Us Christmas Wish Book! I would pour over that book until the pages were worn out, wishing and hoping and dreaming of opening all of the wonderful things I wanted Christmas morning. My parents were frugal throughout the year, and we were lucky for that, because they always went way overboard and gave us very special Christmases.

Spotlight - Joe Clementi

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Our guest blogger today is Joe Clementi. Joe is the general manager and sales trainer at Sacramento Kia in California. 

Expense Management Might Not Be Sexy, But It's Critical to Your Bottom Line

auto success in classExpense control is not as exciting as closing a sale, providing a solution to an unsolvable problem or landing that big parts account. The very topic of expense control, however, is a critical component for sustaining profitability in a competitive market. Department managers understand the importance of controlling expenses but, most likely, it is not top of mind.