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Spotlight - JD Rucker

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Our guest blogger today is JD Rucker. JD is the founder of Dealer Authority. 

Content for Search and Social Making Major Shift Towards Higher Quality

JDRucker.cropped webFor the last couple of years, we've discussed the need to focus on better content rather than more. In the worlds of automotive search marketing and automotive social media, all of the trends have been pointing towards the need to make your content stand out.

That trend is starting to spike. Google is rewarding Websites that produce longer, more unique and sharable content than they were just a few months ago. Facebook is showing clear signs that having fewer posts that are great is better than more posts that are good. As we approach 2015, dealers and their marketing companies are going to have to abandon old habits and focus on the new strategies that are emerging.

Spotlight - Larry Craig

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Our guest blogger today is Larry Craig. Larry is the Senior Business Development Manager at PERQ.

Yes, You Can Host Your Own Events Sales, But Should You? 

Event sales can be a challenging issue among auto dealers.

LarryCraig.cropped webMany dealers nationwide have recognized the value of event sales. Event sales are an important part of their marketing strategy because they allow them to move a lot metal really fast and at a high profit. Most dealers we work with are able to sell more than 30 additional cars in just five days. Compare this to your typical day-to-day sales and the case for event sales seems pretty strong. Still, many dealers are weary of them.

In the end, event sales aren't easy. So why are events so divisive? If you run a successful event sale, you can move tons of inventory. That being said, how do you execute an amazing event sale? To solve that problem, dealers have two options: You can utilize your sales staff or hire an event team. So which is the right option for your dealership?

Spotlight - Michael Cirillo

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Our guest blogger today is Michael Cirillo from FlexDealer. 

How You Can Use Your Competition's Vehicles to Dominate Online Search

MichaelCirillo.cropped.webWhen it comes to search engine optimization, the general focus for dealerships is typically internal. In other words, most dealerships struggle identifying content opportunities to help them rank higher in search engines.

But what if I told you that you could use your competitor's vehicles against them to recognize a substantial increase in your own dealership's traffic, leads and sale opportunities?

Sounds pretty good right?

Spotlight - Joe Clementi

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Our guest blogger today is Joe Clementi. Joe is the general manager and sales trainer at Sacramento Kia in California.

Five Essential Strategies to Sustaining a Productive Sales Department

auto success in classDealing with today's informed customers is as challenging as any time in history. Information is readily available as dealerships around the country lean on the Internet to compete for market share.

Third-party Websites acting as consumer advocates continue to compete for the attention of the Web-savvy customer. As information is passed through social media sites, chat rooms and emails it becomes distorted and confusing. Product comparisons and trim levels are easily obtained as a plethora of information is accumulated. Price obtainment is easier today than it was before, and the shopper has more options than driving dealer to dealer.