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Spotlight - Barry Hillier

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Our guest blogger today is Barry Hillier. Barry is the Partner and Chief Visionary Officer at Dashboard. 

The Boardroom Table is Getting Full

BarryHillier.cropped webAn interesting analogy was once made to me about the state of the marketing industry and the many changes within it over the past few decades. It was only 30 years ago that the people in charge of marketing, usually the general manager and sales manager, sat at the head of the boardroom table reviewing marketing options with their advertising agency seated to their right. The dealership briefed the agency on their sales objectives, and then leaned over and asked what they should do. The agency told them, "We think you should do this!" — and that's likely what they did.

Spotlight - Tim Byrd

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Our guest blogger today is Tim Byrd. Tim is the founder and president of DealerRE and author of the new book Race to the Finish Line

Promises Kept

Tim Byrd full color2014 cropA few years ago, I purchased a power washer. Since I am not in the professional power washing business, I saw no need in spending the big bucks for the top-of-the-line model. Not really knowing the things to look for, and not having a smartphone at the time to research reliability, I leaned on what I thought I knew. So, I bought a name-brand, middle-of-the-road priced power washer with a Honda engine. I was thinking, "With a Honda engine, this thing will last forever." What I didn't know was that the pump on this power washer was made of cast aluminum. Within a year, it began to crack and leak, and replacing the pump cost almost as much as buying a new power washer. But, that Honda engine is still running like a charm on a worthless power washer.

Spotlight - Bud Abraham

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Our guest blogger today is Bud Abraham. Bud is the president of Detail Plus Car Appearance Systems.


BudAbraham.cropped webYou all know the story of Cinderella, who was mistreated by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters, but in the end of the story became the beautiful princess and married the handsome prince.

Did you know that, if you are like most dealerships in the industry, you, too, have a Cinderella in your dealership?

Spotlight - Dean Evans

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Our guest blogger today is Dean Evans. Dean is the CEO of LotLinx.

To Win in 2015, Shift to an Auto 2.0 Mindset

Dean head shotIt's a brave new world. In 2014, we saw a new, empowered customer come to the forefront of the car buying process. Shoppers decide to buy cars long before making their first — and maybe only — visit to the dealership. Their purchase decision — what we call the FINMOT or "final moment of truth" — occurs mainly online (no longer at the dealership) and usually when they're staring at a Vehicle Details Page (VDP) from their computer.

Think about it: All of the third-party sites in the space have yet to connect to the customer during this all-important moment — the shopper's final moment of truth. In fact, often it's just the opposite. As soon as the informed, empowered consumer is ready to make a purchase decision, a form is thrown in their face, asking them to give up all of their personal information. Does this feel empowered?