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Spotlight - Jasen Rice

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Our guest blogger this week is Jasen Rice with LotPop.

How CPS Can Help Justify Your Traffic from Sites Such as Autotrader and

JasenRice.cropped.webYou've probably never heard of "CPS," because it is an acronym I just started trending out over the last skx months. It's a concept that can justify why your traffic on sites like Autotrader and could be off or may even be performing better than usual.

CPS stands for "cars per shopper," and it's a number that we have been tracking weekly, looking at the amount of shoppers on Autotrader, and then dividing that by the number of total cars listed that given week — we even break it down to new and used vehicles listed. This number is driving dealerships' search result pages (SRPs) and it's a number that you would want to know when you are deciding how many vehicles should you be carrying and how aggressively you should price your cars. It can also help your decisions on packaging and spotlight exposure with Autotrader.

Spotlight - Ryan Holtz

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Our guest blogger is Ryan Holtz. Ryan is an Internationally Recognized Automotive Marketer.

Instagram For Auto Dealers? If Your Dealership Is Not On It, Get On It!

Ryan-Emily-113So, with more than 200 million monthly active users, how can your auto dealership afford not to be on Instagram?

Remember when we were in grade school how our teachers used to get us to read and write these long paragraphs and then, when it came to test time, we would forget? Nothing has changed.

Dealer Spotlight - Tony Provost

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Our guest blogger this week is Tony Provost. Tony is the president and dealer principal for Nissan of Bourne in Massachusetts. 

The Business Has Changed

tony-provostThe Internet has been the new way for the negotiation process. Love it or get out of the business! It is the harsh reality, but it's reality. So, how do we deal going forward?

We can hunt for our customers on the information superhighway. This is, in my professional opinion, the most progressive mentality. What is the alternative? Don't engage? Follow that path and, little by little, the lights will literally go out.

Spotlight - Glenn Pasch

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Our guest blogger this week is Glenn Pasch. Glenn is the current CEO of PCG Digital Marketing as well as a writer, national speaker and management trainer.

Common Paid Search Mistakes that Are Wasting Your Money

GlennPasch.cropped webI wanted to review some common paid search mistakes I am seeing when I evaluate automotive dealership campaigns and reports. Right now, the four dealerships I reviewed are spending thousands of dollars a month to advertise, but in many cases the results are not as effective because of these basic mistakes. Here is the short list of four common paid search mistakes: