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Spotlight - Joey Little

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Our guest blogger today is Joey Little. Joey is the VP of Social Strategy at MotoFuze. 

The Simple Secret to Social Media Success

Joey.Little. HeadshotMost dealers know by now how important it is to have a social media presence to develop and build relationships with current and potential customers. Some dealers know that Facebook has made it difficult for dealer content to be seen by the majority of their Facebook fans without paying to promote posts and advertise. In fact, according to a recent study by KISSMetrics, only about 4.5 percent of a page's fans will see the content that gets posted organically.

Spotlight - Jason Forrest

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Our guest blogger today is Jason Forrest. Jason is an award-winning author, sales trainer; management coach and member of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group and Entrepreneur's Organization

JasonForrest.croppedFor every Honda Accord, there's a Toyota Camry. Unless you're selling Teslas, your competitors are selling something similar in quality and price to what you offer. Since your product simply isn't enough to distinguish you from the dealership around the corner, dealerships and team leaders who want to earn more market share and in-crease return customers and referral rates must focus on the things that can really set them apart from competitors: the sales process, salespeople and sales presentation.

Spotlight - Dale Pollak

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Our guest blogger today is Dale Pollak. Dale is the best - selling author and found of vAuto.

A Used Vehicle Challenge: Increasing Your Share Of Subprime Deals

DalePollak.cropped.webIn 2014, CarMax started using its own finance company to book deals from subprime customers, rather than work the deals through other lenders.

During a recent quarterly conference call, company executives say they haven't seen "anything negative" from the in-house subprime financing test, and they expect it to continue as planned.

The CarMax effort is yet another sign of the growing importance for dealers to properly serve credit-challenged used vehicle customers. Industry analysts estimate as much as 30 percent of today's used vehicle finance deals go to subprime buyers.

Spotlight - Jody DeVere

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Our guest blogger today is Jody DeVere. Jody is the CEO of

Is Buying a Car a Battle of the Sexes?

JodyDeVere.croppedShopping for a new car is still a hassle for many women. Women purchase more than 50 percent of all new cars or influence the purchasing about 85 percent of all new cars sold in the U.S. Many women don't even look to a man for opinions on what to purchase because they are single or run the house.

Topping the list of gripes: Time. Approximately 21 percent say buying a car is not a quick and effortless experience. Also, of the women surveyed, 15 percent said they didn't like or trust their salesperson.