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Spotlight - Mark Tewart

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The Perils of 7 Car Johnny - By Mark Tewart

mark-tewartI am sure you have met "7 Car Johnny." You know the guy. He sells seven cars a month and, even with all that awesome production, has plenty of time to spread his expertise around to everyone within earshot. There is an old saying, "Be wary of advice and council." I would invite you to consider that axiom the next time "7 Car Johnny" comes your way.

Let's take a deeper look at "7 Car Johnny." Good ol' Johnny has tons of experience. He has seen every situation and he is so wise he has everything figured out. As a matter of fact, he has everything figured out for himself and everybody else; 7 Car Johnny is a wealth of information. And, of course, Johnny has been a manager before as well, so he can tell you all about that.

Spotlight - Jeremy Brown

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Our guest blogger this week is Jeremy Brown.  Jeremy is the Sales Manager for Fiore Toyota Scion VW and Audi.

Can you buy a car from Social Media? Part 1

Jeremy BrownSocial media is the gimmick of the day. That's right — I called it a gimmick. It's the quick fix. It's the easy effort. It's the thing everyone is doing. It's also the most misunderstood and underused medium. That might be a pretty bold statement from a guy that couldn't tell you the difference between writing code and using Morse code, but I just believe that there is a bigger opportunity available here than just sharing pictures of your food.

Spotlight - Dean Evans

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Our guest blogger today is Dean Evans. Dean is the CEO of LotLinx. 

Why Dealers Should Deep Link

Dean head shotWe know there will never be more than 1,000 people a month shopping for a Honda in the San Diego area. So the question you should be asking is not how to reach more people buying Hondas, but rather how to reach current Honda buyers. Most dealerships only have 12 to 15 percent of the market in their area searching for vehicles. Now keep in mind the average person conducts 84 inventory searches throughout the online shopping process — that counts for 84 ways they can be hijacked.

Spotlight - Michael Cirillo

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Our guest blogger this week is Michael Cirillo from Flex Dealer. Hope you enjoy!

Shifting Digital: How to Attract, Engage and Convert More Qualified Vehicle Shoppers Online

MichaelCirillo.cropped.webYears ago, I remember my dad calling a family meeting and gathering my siblings and me around the computer. He had to show us this new thing called "The Internet." We were astonished as the computer connected through the phone line to satellites in the sky. With whopping 28.8Kbps download speeds, my father declared, "This is going to kill encyclopedia salesmen."