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Spotlight - TImm Cuzzo

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Our guest blogger today is Timm Cuzzo. Tim is the COO at The Next Up.

Put Test Drives Back in the Mix with Geo-Fencing

As more online researchers hit dealership lots ready to buy, the industry as a whole has seen a steep decline in test drives. Many salespeople assume a customer is already sold, so they don't insist on "feeling the wheel." But skipping this crucial step means salespeople are missing the biggest value-add available. A test drive is the one step that will never physically take place online, and it's a game-changer. The fact is that test drives simply sell more vehicles; that's why forward-thinking dealers are adding geo-fencing apps to their salespersons' mobile devices. These apps track and collect test drive data to hold salespeople accountable, enable sales managers to proactively help close more deals, and identify patterns that can lead to more sales.

Spotlight - Phi Penton

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Our guest blogger today is Phil Penton. Phil manages Brand Development and Strategic Alliances at SureCritic.

A Changing Landscape for Reputation Management

philpentonIt's a significant struggle to manage your dealership's reputation in today's digital world. You're caught between third-party review sites plagued by allegations of "gaming" the system, and traditional CSI surveys that lack actionable data and often cannot be shared to improve social standing. It's no wonder many dealers feel like throwing up their hands and retreating from the process altogether. But the fact remains, online reviews aren't going anywhere. Consumers love them, and according to SEO tool provider Brightlocal, 88 percent trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. In short, they are crucial to the success of your dealership.

Spotlight - Bill Wittenmyer

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Our guest blog today is Bill Wittenmyer. Bill is the partner at ELEAD1ONE.

I Don't Pay Another Man's Bills

BillWittenmyer.cropped.webDie-hard basketball fans have been in paradise, having just finished March Madness. Me? I don't care much for the game really. There are too many stoppages in play, fouls and time outs for my taste. Don't get me wrong; I respect the game and the effort of the players and coaches, but it's just not my thing. However, I love the lessons that all sports can teach — lessons that can translate to just about any aspect of life. I heard Coach John Calipari of Kentucky interviewed during a halftime where his team lead their opponent by 26 points. "I am worried about my team," he said. "I am not worried about anyone else. I have only been worried about my team for two days." In other words, he doesn't pay another man's bills.

What does that mean? Do you worry about your competition? Do you waste time wondering how many cars they sold this month or what their average gross was? Do you dwell on the customer you lost to Down The Street Motors and wonder how much they put into the trade? Market share is important, and if your competition has more of it then you might want to consider how you can separate yourself from them, but remember that their paycheck does not pay your bills.

Spotlight - Bud Abraham

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Our guest blogger today is Bud Abraham. Bud is the president of Detail Plus Car Appearance Systems.

Hiring & Developing Detail Personnel

BudAbraham.cropped webDealerships struggle with hiring and retaining good employees for their detail departments, But It can be done.

Orville is an outstanding employee who is well respected in the dealership. His passion for cars shines through in his detail work. It is easy to see that he enjoys everything about his job — the cars and the challenges. Although Orville is only 29, he has worked for four different dealerships. His length of time with each employer ranges from six months to four years. He recognizes the fact that job-hopping does not look good on a job application, but he has never had a problem finding a detailing position. He has never been fired from any dealership; it has been his choice each time to move on to a better position.