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Spotlight - David Metter

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Our guest blogger today is David Metter. David is the President of AutoHook.

Four Parallels of the Auto Industry and the NFL

DavidMetter.croppedThe 2016 NADA conference in Las Vegas proved connections are the single most important factor of this business, and any business for that matter. To lead, you must be able to connect with a team, and from there an audience, and beyond that, the world. The focus should always be on that first fundamental building block — the team behind the vision.

Former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning took the stage at this year's convention and proved his understanding of business is on par with his athletic reputation. What he uncovered was the undeniable parallels between not only business-to-business connection, but also human-to-human connection, and how that translates into profitable success across any industry.

Spotlight - Tim Byrd

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Our guest blogger today is Tim Byrd. Tim is the founder and president of DealerRE and author of the new book Race to the Finish Line.

Thinking about BHPH?

Tim Byrd full color2014 cropWhat does a new car franchise and buy here/pay here (BHPH) dealership have in common? Not much.

Why, then, get into BHPH? It has a lot to do with getting the most out of the trades you take in, and realizing that the secondary lenders are making more off the car than you.

Unlike the franchise sale, you have to realize you just "married" the BHPH sale, because you are not in the car business — you are in the collection business. The lifeblood of BHPH is the payments, so you're not so much selling cars as you are selling payment-producing machines.

Spotlight - Jordan Bentley

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Our guest blogger today is Jordan Bentley. Jordan is the National Sales Manager for Callbright.

The Smartphone Era Is Here. How's Your Mobile Marketing?

Jordan Bentley HeadshotYou see them interrupting meals at nice restaurants. You see them lighting up a dark movie theater in the middle of a tense moment. You even see them getting a person's undivided attention while they're strolling down a sidewalk.

Love them or hate them, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have penetrated almost every aspect of our lives, and they're here to stay. Did you know an eMarketer report from last year estimated that 73.4 percent of all Internet users in the U.S. used smartphones to access the Internet? With more than 260 million Internet users in the U.S., that's almost 200 million people who could be distracting you at the movies.

Spotlight - Christina DeVore

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Our guest blogger today is Christina DeVore. Christina is the Events Marketing Director for DrivingSales.

Building A Winning Workforce

The pressure is on for finding the right people to work with your customers and build loyalty. For a long time, the dealer focus of turning metal as quickly as possible has turned to focus from "customer experience" to "sales process." Unfortunately, that has drawn some major distrust from car buyers, with 99 percent of buyers expecting their experience to be a hassle.