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Spotlight - Jordan Bentley

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Our guest blogger today is Jordan Bentley. Jordan is the national sales manager for Callbright.

Don't Forget, Your Marketing Also Needs Maintenance

Jordan Bentley HeadshotKeeping your car running takes a bit more than a full tank of gas every couple of weeks. If you're reading this AutoSuccess blog, you probably already know that. Did you also know that the routine care and maintenance you perform on your cars isn't that different from the routine maintenance you should perform on your marketing?

Believe it or not, even your greatest marketing campaigns need some polishing from time to time. Here are some car care tips that can keep your marketing efforts running for the long haul.

Spotlight - April Rain

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Our guest blogger today is April Rain. April is the Founder and President of Digital Rain.

What Can Neuroscience Teach us About Branding?

AprilRain.croppedNeuroscience is defined as the study of the nervous system or the study of our subconscious reactions within the brain. How can this possibly relate to improving the way we market on mobile? There's surprisingly a lot to consider when it comes to how the human brain processes data and visual stimulation from one screen or device to the next. By studying the activities that happen within our subconscious minds when shown an ad, we can thus derive data and make justified conclusions that will ultimately enhance the way we visually market our ads to make them more impactful.

Spotlight - Tim Byrd

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Our guest blogger today is Tim Byrd. Tim is the founder and president of DealerRE and author of the new book Race to the Finish Line.

Learning to be a Waterman

Tim Byrd full color2014 cropHave you heard the old saying, "Give a man a fish and he will eat today, teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime"? Teaching him to fish will keep him from being hungry, but will not make him a waterman.

I am from Tidewater, Virginia. Situated on the Chesapeake Bay, where for many, fishing has been a way of life for years. To become a waterman, however, one must learn the skills passed down from generation to generation. Not just about fishing, but also about understanding the sea, maritime skills and how to work as a team — each with a skill set, knowing the primary goal, working in concert, seamlessly with each other — to achieve the desired end result. Understanding the environment and skillfully, purposely navigating your way to success. Those watermen who fill their nets most consistently are those with the greatest cohesiveness.

Spotlight - Jeremy Anspach

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Our guest blogger today is Jeremy Anspach. Jeremy is the CEO of PureCars.

How Mobile and Wearable Tech Help Car Shoppers Buy On the Go

JeremyAnspach.cropped.2015By 2018, more than 80 million adults are expected to be using wearable technologies in the United States alone. And, as devices like smartwatches become more familiar, users are increasingly using them to make purchases and are moving away from traditional avenues for commerce. What's more, while businesses may assume that shoppers are only comfortable making smaller purchases on mobile and wearable devices, bigger purchases are actually more common than many think. In fact, about one in five consumers are likely to use a mobile or wearable device to research and buy vehicles online.

In other words, the days of browsing from lot to lot are long gone and car buyers are rapidly embracing e-commerce. As consumers flock online and turn to mobile platforms for their researching and purchasing needs, the value and power of wearables will increase and ultimately change how car sellers can reach and convert buyers.