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CallRevu was founded in 2006, and is the pioneer of phone process measurement. Knowing you have always fixed what you measured, CallRevu gives you valuable insights you have never had before, your Caller's Journey in your dealership. CallRevu tracks, monitors, and summarizes all calls to your dealership, delivering real-time actionable phone process performance.

Clients are able to save deals on a daily basis when they receive mobile alerts: a customer is mishandled on the phone and dealers are immediately notified so they can address the situation and turn calls into customers. CallRevu helps clients increase market share, customer retention and profitability in all phases of dealership operations.

Created and managed by a team of automotive professionals, CallRevu partners with some of the best known and highest performing dealerships across the US and Canada offering leading solutions that convert lost sales into customers. CallRevu does not just report outcomes, we fix them.



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