AutoSuccess Magazine

About Us

our mission

Our mission is to provide ideas, strategies and information that sales professionals in the automotive field can put into action to increase their success — both immediately and into the future.

our vision

AutoSuccess addresses the specific needs of new car and light truck dealerships by providing entrepreneurial, solution-based editorials to increase dealership profits and reduce expenses. This approach has positioned AutoSuccess at the forefront of the industry, allowing us to gain and sustain industry leadership, where our readers, writers and advertisers share in the success.

target audience

AutoSuccess directly reaches automotive professionals who are capable of making final decisions. Our readers are the ultimate decision-makers for the equipment, supplies and services utilized in the dealership.


AutoSuccess Magazine is released to Owners/General Managers at more than 22,500 new car and light truck dealerships from coast to coast. Pass-along readership is apparent in every department of the dealership, from the sales and finance to service, parts and detail.

unique vehicle

AutoSuccess is one of the few advertising vehicles that dealers actually read cover-to-cover, because it provides sound business solutions, uplifting information and positive resources specifically directed to them from industry leaders, successful dealers and managers in the business. AutoSuccess is used daily during training and sales meetings.

editorial support

Editorial opportunities are available to support your advertising message by informing dealer principals about products and services that can positively impact business performance. Our “20 percent problem, 80 percent solution” method addressing the issues dealerships face is proven to keep our readers’ attention and create positive associations throughout the magazine. To ensure that the reader gets an unbiased solution from the article, we do not allow self-promoting in our editorials.

our experience

After nearly two decades of successful direct marketing to car dealers, the founders of AutoSuccess recognized the need for dealers to establish ways of becoming more successful and, ultimately, to increase their bottom line. The AutoSuccess team continues to incorporate the input of hundreds of dealers nationwide to develop the most innovative marketing tool in the industry today.